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Knowt uses AI to seamlessly create flashcards and practice problems from your notes, lecture videos, and slides.

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Create on Knowt, or import from Quizlet in seconds.

Study with learn mode, spaced repetition, matching, and more for free.

Study with our free learn mode

Multiple choice, writing, and T/F questions instantly made from your flashcards.

The test feature and spaced repetition are absolutely unreal. Will definitely be bringing this helpful tool to college with me.

Caragh, College freshman

Lecture videos you can interact with

Import your lecture video and ask AI to make notes and flashcards, or just chat with it to learn more.


Flashcards instantly from your lecture videos.

Flashcards instantly from your lecture videos.


Summarize video findings in a single note.

Summarize video findings in a single note.

Chat with AI

Ask Kai follow-up questions on video content.

Ask Kai follow-up questions on video content.

Practice Test

Quiz yourself on video material.

Quiz yourself on video material.

One study tool that replace the rest

Ace your exams with crafted study guides and flashcards

Jump into an exam by clicking on the exams tab and explore resources.

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Knowt helped me cram for my AP Euro and AP Bio exam, I wouldn't have passed without their study guides!

Simran Sahota, 10th grade

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Study flashcards on the go with the new Knowt app

Your flashcards go wherever you go with the free Knowt app!

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mobile download

900,000+ students rely on Knowt to help them study

Kemisola Benson profile picture
Kemisola Benson12th grade

Knowt helped me tremendously with my AP exams, World History and Chem in particular. Taking notes and immediately having a study guide created was such a life saver when I was on a time crunch. I did way better than I expected thanks to Knowt!!

Victoria Buendia-Serrano profile picture
Victoria Buendia-SerranoCollege freshman

Knowt’s quiz and spaced repetition features have been a lifesaver. I’m going to Columbia now and studying with Knowt helped me get there!

Fernanda M profile picture
Fernanda MCollege freshman

This app really came in clutch when AP exams were around the corner. Especially with the spaced repetition method, it helped me remember the important concepts. :)

Val profile picture
ValCollege sophomore

Knowt has been a lifesaver! The learn features in flashcards let me find time and make studying a little more digestible.

Matthew Novicky profile picture
Matthew Novicky11th grade

Absolutely excellent. Easy to use, much more visually pleasant than Cram and no rudimentary features are behind a paywall. It’s simply excellent.

Sam Loos profile picture
Sam Loos12th grade

I used Knowt to study for my APUSH midterm and it saved my butt! The import from Quizlet feature helped a ton too. Slayed that test with an A!! 😻😻😻

Shamika Agrawal profile picture
Shamika Agrawal12th grade

I loved the AI for flashcard writing, it saves so much time! The unique spaced repetition can really come in clutch for last minute studying and helps you remember everything!

Hannah DeLong profile picture
Hannah DeLong11th grade

I love Knowt so much! The platform is a dream and seeing all of the new features each update makes me so happy! Thank you, Knowt, for being so amazing :)

Milan Gudka profile picture
Milan Gudka11th grade

Knowt has been an absolute life-saver for me - no other revision methods worked for me. It’s also incredible considering Knowt is free! The variety of tools available is perfect for any learning or revision type. Thanks, Knowt!

Is there an app for Knowt?
  • Yes, the mobile app is coming soon! It will be available on IOS and Android, helping to transform the way you learn!
Does Knowt have free learn mode?
  • Yes! You can import your flashcards from other flashcard app like Quizlet and study them using our free learn mode, spaced repetition, flashcards mode, practice test mode or match game mode.
How do I import from Quizlet to Knowt?
  • Importing your quizlet sets onto knowt just got a lot easier. Download our new Knowt Chrome Extension, then head over to any quizlet set and open the extension. You'll be able to import the set to Knowt with a single click, open them up in Knowt and start studying!
Where can I turn my notes into flashcards?
  • Write or upload a note into Knowt and then ask KnowtAI to make flashcards from them instantly. Save time and jump right into mastering the material by studying flashcards using learn mode or spaced repetition.