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Kemisola Benson profile picture
Kemisola Benson12th grade

Knowt helped me tremendously with my AP exams, World History and Chem in particular. Taking notes and immediately having a study guide created was such a life saver when I was on a time crunch. I did way better than I expected thanks to Knowt!!

Victoria Buendia-Serrano profile picture
Victoria Buendia-SerranoCollege freshman

Knowt’s quiz and spaced repetition features have been a lifesaver. I’m going to Columbia now and studying with Knowt helped me get there!

Fernanda M profile picture
Fernanda MCollege freshman

This app really came in clutch when AP exams were around the corner. Especially with the spaced repetition method, it helped me remember the important concepts. :)

Val profile picture
ValCollege sophomore

Knowt has been a lifesaver! The learn features in flashcards let me find time and make studying a little more digestible.

Matthew Novicky profile picture
Matthew Novicky11th grade

Absolutely excellent. Easy to use, much more visually pleasant than Cram and no rudimentary features are behind a paywall. It’s simply excellent.

Sam Loos profile picture
Sam Loos12th grade

I used Knowt to study for my APUSH midterm and it saved my butt! The import from Quizlet feature helped a ton too. Slayed that test with an A!! 😻😻😻

Shamika Agrawal profile picture
Shamika Agrawal12th grade

I loved the AI for flashcard writing, it saves so much time! The unique spaced repetition can really come in clutch for last minute studying and helps you remember everything!

Hannah DeLong profile picture
Hannah DeLong11th grade

I love Knowt so much! The platform is a dream and seeing all of the new features each update makes me so happy! Thank you, Knowt, for being so amazing :)

Milan Gudka profile picture
Milan Gudka11th grade

Knowt has been an absolute life-saver for me - no other revision methods worked for me. It’s also incredible considering Knowt is free! The variety of tools available is perfect for any learning or revision type. Thanks, Knowt!

Questions & AnswersIf you have any other questions - please get in touch
What is the Knowt GCSE Hub?
If you're uncertain about how to approach your GCSE exam prep throughout the year, we have you covered with the Knowt GCSE Hub. Made by students, this Hub is composed of GCSE study guides, resources, and flashcards for every GCSE subject. The main purpose of these resources is to assist you in understanding the GCSE course material and, most importantly, excelling in the GCSE exams. What makes our GCSE Hub exceptional is that the resources are not only free but also crafted by former GCSE students just like you, ensuring you access comprehensive GCSE revision notes that are both user-friendly and cover the specific topics likely to appear in the GCSE exams.
Can I make my own GCSE study guides on Knowt?
If you're looking to customize your GCSE study guides, you can! We recommend starting with the GCSE study guides we have on Knowt, make a copy or duplicate the guide, and incorporate any specific tips your teacher might have highlighted. Consider our GCSE test study guides as a base you can build upon as much as you wish to make it your own.
How do I use the GCSE resources to get a full score?
Knowt has a variety of GCSE resources to support your GCSE test prep, yet it might be confusing to know where to begin. For each exam, kick off with the Ultimate GCSE exam study guides, which present a complete overview of all course content. After identifying your toughest areas, delve into the specific unit study guide and flashcards to practice those topics further. Click through the GCSE test study guides to explore them in detail.
What GCSE resources does Knowt have?
Knowt offers a bunch of free GCSE materials categorized by subject and unit. Within each subject, you'll discover...
  • An “Ultimate Guide” to the GCSE subject
  • In Depth Unit Breakdowns
  • Recommended Youtubers
  • Discord Community for that GCSE subject
What is the “Ultimate” GCSE Study Guide?
To make your lives easier, we've assembled a single Ultimate GCSE Study Guide for each GCSE exam, encompassing absolutely everything you need to know to secure that 9 in that GCSE exam.
Where can I find the GCSE Flashcards?
Since the majority of GCSE exams are heavily reliant on vocabulary, dedicating time to familiarize yourself with crucial terms is super important. By selecting any subject, you'll discover an Ultimate collection of flashcards tailored for that specific GCSE exam, alongside flashcard sets for individual units. We offer several GCSE flashcard decks for each GCSE exam, covering significant events, key figures, structures, and more. Given the impact of understanding the vocabulary, the most effective approach to leverage these GCSE flashcards is to start early and utilize our spaced repetition mode to drill the information into your brain.
How do I practice for my GCSE Exams?
Once you've finished studying with the GCSE study guides and flashcards, it's the perfect time to assess your knowledge. We harness the potential of AI to generate limitless GCSE practice tests until you've thoroughly mastered the material. The most effective approach to prepare for the GCSE exam involves consistent practice with our GCSE practice tests, correcting your errors, revisiting the topics where you falter using our GCSE study guides, and repeating the process!
Who writes the Knowt GCSE Study Guides?
Every single GCSE exam study guide and GCSE flashcard within the Knowt GCSE Hub has been authored by genuine, former GCSE students just like YOU! This ensures their reliability and trustworthiness.
How long is each GCSE Exam?
Most GCSE exams are 1 hour to 2.5 hours long. The exact duration varies depending on the subject, for example art would take longer. Some exams may also include a break in the middle.
Can I take a GCSE exam without taking the GCSE course?
Yes! In contrast to certain other qualifications, GCSEs do not have prerequisites or formal entry requirements. As a private candidate, all that's required is timely registration and the payment of the applicable fees. However, with the extremely demanding content load and course difficulty it is going to be very difficult to perform well on GCSE exams without the proper class time.
What will I find for each exam in the Knowt GCSE Hub?
Within the Knowt GCSE Hub, every page dedicated to a specific GCSE exam will feature a comprehensive study guide and a complete set of flashcards encompassing all the exam topics. Additionally, you'll find GCSE study guides and flashcards categorized by unit, as well as recommendations of our preferred YouTube channels for each GCSE exam. Beyond the many free GCSE resources, we host a Discord community brimming with numerous GCSE students preparing for each exam, offering support and a platform for addressing questions in the lead-up to the exam.
What are GCSE Classes?
GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) are a set of academic qualifications typically taken by students in the UK, usually at the age of 15-16, after completing what is referred to as Key Stage 4 of secondary education. These exams cover a wide range of subjects, with students being able to choose what subjects they would like to study and students are required to take at least 5 GCSE courses. The only compulsory GCSE courses are Math, English and Science. GCSEs are designed to test students' knowledge and skills in various subjects, including Mathematics, English, Science, Languages, Humanities, and others. The results achieved in GCSEs often influence further educational or career paths, as they are considered a significant milestone in a student's academic journey.
How much do GCSE Exams cost?
The cost of GCSE exams fluctuates based on the selected subjects and the exam structure. Typically, exams consist of two papers, and at CloudLearn, the average price per paper is £130 (161 USD). Meaning, the total cost for an entire exam amounts to £260 (322 USD). However, for Science exams, comprising of three papers, the total cost equates to £390 (483 USD).