Join our community of KnowtTakers to earn volunteering hours or make money.


What are some of our benefits?

  • Get paid to help us create guides for various exams!
  • Get Volunteer Hours
  • College Application + Résumé Reviews by Alumni
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Lots of swag!

What's this program?

We're looking for the best students to help us build Knowt by creating the ultimate exam review guides for the most popular exams in the world!

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What are my responsibilities?

  • Type at least 5 notes/flashcard sets per month
  • Maintain a Knowt rating of a 4.0 (On your profile)

How do you join?

Since we're looking for the best students, you'll need to apply - we ask for your GPA, 3 sample notes, and a few questions.