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Making Flashcards

Creating flashcards on Knowt is super easy with our free flashcard maker. You can choose from 3 ways to make flashcards on Knowt:

Import with AIImport with AI image
Import from QuizletImport from Quizlet image
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Knowt has been an absolute life-saver for me - no other revision methods worked for me. There's so many so it's perfect for any learning or revision type.

Milan, 11th grade

The first AI Flashcard Maker of its kind

Leverage the power of AI while using our online flashcard maker to save hours making your own flashcards on Knowt!

Flashcard Writing Assistant

Just type in the term and ask AI to complete the flashcard for you, pick from our recommended AI prompts or type in your own!

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Generate Flashcards

Upload any pdf or note directly to our AI flashcard generator and press create! You'll have dozens of flashcards made directly from your uploaded file in seconds.

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Find flashcards made by students and teachers

Don't have the time to make your own flashcards? Search through our library of millions of online flashcards created by other students and teachers in the same classes as you.

Master your flashcards for free

Learn mode

Our free learn mode is perfect for mastering flashcards when you're cramming or short on time.

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Spaced Repetition mode

Our spaced repetition algorithm is scientifically backed, and is ideal for when you start studying ahead of time and have large flashcard sets.

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Practice Test mode

Practice test mode sets up questions in a test-like environment with multiple choice, true/false and other question types.

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Matching Game mode

If you're a visual learner, our free match game might be your new favorite way to study flashcards on Knowt!

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I love knowt because it was a nice alternative to quizlet and i honestly just liked the layout of the platform a lot better, it felt easier and more effective to navigate

Salma, 11th grade

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Coming Soon: Study flashcards on the go with the new Knowt app

Your flashcards go wherever you go with the free Knowt app!

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mobile download
What can I do with Knowt's flashcard features?
  • Knowt makes it easier than ever to create your own flashcards or have AI make them for you from your lecture videos, pdfs, notes, and more! If that's not for you, you can find millions of free flashcards made by other students at your fingertips. Find or make the set you need, then study the flashcards using our free learn mode, free practice test mode or using our interactive match game!
How can I make new flashcards on Knowt?
  • Option 1: Easily make flashcards from your lecture videos and notes in seconds using ai. It's as easy as uploading your files and pressing a button!
  • Option 2: Find a flashcard set on Quizlet and bring it over to Knowt to take advantage of our free learn mode, free practice test mode and free games!
  • Option 3: Just add a term and definition to make your flashcards, plus add images to flashcards for free. You can also take advantage of our brand new AI flashcard maker to save time!
What flashcard features are on the Knowt app?
  • Master your flashcards from anywhere by swiping through your flashcards or practicing cards you need the most help on using the free study modes. All flashcard modes are available on the app.
What's the difference between the learn mode types?
  • Learn mode: If your exam is coming up in less than a week, this is the study more for you! It's more than just fLipping through flashcards - pick your question types and get tested continuously until you completely master every card in your set!
  • Spaced Repetition mode: The free spaced repetition study mode automatically sets the optimal revision schedule and tells you exactly how many flashcards to study each day.
  • Practice Test mode: Use Practice Test mode once you're close to mastering all the flashcards and get your test graded automatically.
  • Matching Game mode: Drag and drop corresponding terms to their definitions until you've matched every set. Your goal is to make all the cards disappear from the screen in as Little time as possible