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Kemisola Benson profile picture
Kemisola Benson12th grade

Knowt helped me tremendously with my AP exams, World History and Chem in particular. Taking notes and immediately having a study guide created was such a life saver when I was on a time crunch. I did way better than I expected thanks to Knowt!!

Victoria Buendia-Serrano profile picture
Victoria Buendia-SerranoCollege freshman

Knowt’s quiz and spaced repetition features have been a lifesaver. I’m going to Columbia now and studying with Knowt helped me get there!

Fernanda M profile picture
Fernanda MCollege freshman

This app really came in clutch when AP exams were around the corner. Especially with the spaced repetition method, it helped me remember the important concepts. :)

Val profile picture
ValCollege sophomore

Knowt has been a lifesaver! The learn features in flashcards let me find time and make studying a little more digestible.

Matthew Novicky profile picture
Matthew Novicky11th grade

Absolutely excellent. Easy to use, much more visually pleasant than Cram and no rudimentary features are behind a paywall. It’s simply excellent.

Sam Loos profile picture
Sam Loos12th grade

I used Knowt to study for my APUSH midterm and it saved my butt! The import from Quizlet feature helped a ton too. Slayed that test with an A!! 😻😻😻

Shamika Agrawal profile picture
Shamika Agrawal12th grade

I loved the AI for flashcard writing, it saves so much time! The unique spaced repetition can really come in clutch for last minute studying and helps you remember everything!

Hannah DeLong profile picture
Hannah DeLong11th grade

I love Knowt so much! The platform is a dream and seeing all of the new features each update makes me so happy! Thank you, Knowt, for being so amazing :)

Milan Gudka profile picture
Milan Gudka11th grade

Knowt has been an absolute life-saver for me - no other revision methods worked for me. It’s also incredible considering Knowt is free! The variety of tools available is perfect for any learning or revision type. Thanks, Knowt!

Questions & AnswersIf you have any other questions - please get in touch
What is the Knowt IB Hub?
If you’re not sure how to tackle your IB exam prep throughout the year, the Knowt IB Hub is perfect for you. We’ve worked with students to create IB study guides, IB resources and IB flashcards for every IB class. These are designed to help you get an A in the class, and most importantly do well on the IB exam. The best part about our IB Hub is the resources are free and created by actual IB students like you who’ve taken the class. So, you are guaranteed to find intuitive IB revision notes that are easy to understand and cover the topics that will actually show up on the IB exam
Can I make my own IB study guides on Knowt?
If you want to personalize your IB study guides, no worries! Use the IB study guides we’ve selected as a starting point, make a copy and add in any specific pointers your teacher may have mentioned. You can think of our IB test study guides as a starting point and add on as much as you want to customize it.
How do I use the IB resources to get a full score?
We’ve got you covered with lots of IB resources to help you with your IB test prep, but it can be overwhelming to figure out exactly where to start. For each exam, start with the Ultimate IB exam study guides, which offers a summary of every single thing covered in the course. Once you figure out what you struggle with most, head over the specific unit study guide and flashcards to practice that topic more. Click throughout IB test study guides to learn more about them.
What IB resources does Knowt have?
Knowt had tons of free IB resources broken down by subject and unit. For each Subject, you’ll find
  • An “Ultimate Guide” to the IB subject
  • In Depth Unit Breakdowns
  • Recommended Youtubers
  • Discord Community for that IB subject
What is the “Ultimate” IB Study Guide?
To make your life easier, we also compiled one Ultimate IB Study Guide for every IB exam that has literally every single thing you need to know to get a 5 on that IB exam.
Where can I find the IB Flashcards?
Most of the IB exams are very vocab heavy, so it’s extremely important that you spend time getting to know the most important terms. Click on any subject and you’ll find a Ultimate set of flashcards for that IB exam along with flashcard sets for each unit. We have multiple IB flashcard decks for each IB exam that include important events, key players, structures, etc. Since there’s typically a lot of vocabulary, the best way to make the most out of these IB flashcards is to start early and use our spaced repetition mode to study them!
How do I practice for my IB Exams?
When you’re done studying from the IB study guides and flashcards, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. We leverage the power of AI to create unlimited IB practice tests until you completely master the material. The best way to prepare for the IB exam is to keep practicing using our IB practice tests, correcting your mistakes, reviewing the topics you get wrong using our IB study guides and repeat!
Who writes the Knowt IB Study Guides?
All the IB exam study guides and IB flashcards in the Knowt IB Hub were written by real, actual IB students like YOU! That’s how you know you can actually trust them.
How long is each IB Exam?
Most IB exams are 45 minutes to 3 hours long. The exact duration varies depending on the subject. Some exams may also include a break in the middle.
Can I take an IB exam without taking the IB course?
Since a percentage of the IB exam score depends on your score in the in-class assessments, you cannot sit for the IB exam without having taken the class.
What will I find for each exam in the Knowt IB Hub?
Each IB exam page in the Knowt IB Hub will include an ultimate study guide and an ultimate flashcards set that cover every single thing on the exam. You will also find IB study guides and IB flashcards broken down by unit, along with some of our favorite youtube channels for each IB exams. On top of all these free IB resources, we also have a Discord community filled with tons of IB students taking each IB exam that you can lean on for support and questions leading up to the exam!
What are IB Classes?
The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program (DP) is a two year pre-university curriculum that allows students to get advanced placement credits in universities and colleges. It’s a rigorous course and typically requires attending both the course and taking an exam to be eligible for the IB diploma.
How much do IB Exams cost?
Each IB exam costs $135, with an additional late fee if you register after November 1st. To register for the next round of IB exams use this IB exam registration link.