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1,000,000+ students prefer Knowt to Quizlet

Mia Hubert profile picture
Mia Hubert10th grade

I used Knowt every day to study for my Spanish class. I will definitely continue to use Knowt, and I hope it becomes the most popular study site over Quizlet because studying should ALWAYS be free.

Sarah profile picture
Sarah11th grade

When I had to pay for Quizlet I was completely screwed. But Knowt saved me and my German grade!

Macie Allen profile picture
Macie AllenCollege freshman

I love Knowt for vocab flashcards ! Especially when they were able to import from Quizlet with a link literally chefs kiss

Christian Vega profile picture
Christian Vega11th grade

After Quizlet decided to make people pay to use it, I had no idea how to study. I discovered Knowt through a website. It’s completely free and unbelievably helpful. Knowt is a life saver. They also have an awesome social media team 🙏

Thisaga profile picture
Thisaga10th grade

I absolutely love it and it’s helped me with my languages and stem subjects as I couldn’t afford Quizlet but I realised this is so much better.

Vika profile picture
Vika11th grade

I had to take quite a few Chinese memorization and vocabulary tests, and I found that using Knowt really helped me! I was able to drill the info into my brain because I wasn’t limited like Quizlet!

Elizabeth Tammaro profile picture
Elizabeth TammaroCollege freshman

This website is so much easier to use than Quizlet. It helped me pass my AP Psychology exam last spring 😁

Kiro Moussa profile picture
Kiro Moussa11th grade

At first when I saw that Quizlet added subscriptions, I was worried I wouldn’t have a good platform to actually study on. Seeing that Knowt hasn’t changed their goals and kept their promises from the start of their company to when they grew, it was great knowing that I could actually rely on them long term!

Tareq profile picture
Tareq12th grade

Originally came for flashcards when Quizlet went paid. Enjoyed the website and stayed. Tried setting up some of my teachers with Knowt as well.

Ready to switch? Move your Quizlets over in 3 steps.

move from quizlet in 3 steps
  1. 1. Install the Knowt Chrome extension.
  2. 2. Open up your Quizlet sets you want to move over.
  3. 3. Click on the extension icon and select “Open in Knowt”.

That’s it! Repeat steps 2 and 3 if you want to move multiple sets.

What’s the best free alternative to Quizlet?
  • There’s a reason 1,000,000+ students chose Knowt as their favorite free Quizlet alternative - no other site has made it this seamless to transition from Quizlet. You can import any of your old Quizlet sets to Knowt with literally a single click so you won’t lose a single flashcard set in the process of switching. Then, once you can study any flashcard set with unlimited rounds of free learn mode, practice test mode, flashcards mode, match game or even spaced repetition! You’ll find all those favorite features that you’re already used to, with a clean user interface and completely free. Plus, we’re constantly adding new features to make & study flashcards that you won’t find on any of the other flashcards sites.
What Quizlet Plus features does Knowt have for free?
  • On Quizlet, you need to pay for Quizlet Plus to be able to use their learn mode and practice test mode more than a couple of times. On Knowt, unlimited rounds of free learn mode, practice test mode…and all our other study modes are completely free. And if you’re someone who makes their own flashcard sets, you’ll be able to add your own images to your flashcards & use the flashcard formatting completely free on Knowt - unlike Quizlet.
How do I study my Quizlet flashcards for free?
  • To study your existing Quizlet sets for free, sign up above, then press the import button - it takes literally seconds. Then, you can study the flashcards for free as many times as you want with any of the 5 study modes (learn mode, practice test, matching, flashcards, spaced repetition).
What makes Knowt better than Quizlet?
  • Knowt is a study platform built by Gen Z students for other Gen Z students - so we don’t just stop at the bare minimum. We’ve built a complete experience & once you make the switch you’ll start to realize you don’t need any of those other study websites in your life anymore. Some of the cool features we have that you won’t find on Quizlet are:

    • You can upload your lecture videos and we’ll make you summarized notes on the most important information covered, plus flashcards and practice questions to test you
    • You can also upload powerpoints, pdfs and other files and we’ll make the flashcards, notes and practice for you! Plus, you can talk to Kai (our mascot) and ask him any questions about your files.
    • Type out your notes for class using our AI powered editor & create flashcards and practice questions from them - we’ve had this feature since 2018 & it’s such a time saver!
Does Knowt have a mobile app?
  • Yes! Click here to download the free Knowt Mobile App on iOS and Android.