Meet Knowt Chrome

The AI-powered chrome extension that make flashcards from anything and seamlessly moves your Quizlets to Knowt.

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Import Quizlets into Knowt Seamlessly

Bringing your Quizlet flashcards to Knowt just got a lot easier

AI-powered Video Summaries

Understand lecture videos better by transforming them into simplified, summarized notes and flashcards you can easily study.

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Create Flashcards from Articles Using AI

Break down complex articles by creating interactive flashcards from them.

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Make Flashcards from PDFs using AI

Take the hassle out of reading long PDFs by turning them into engaging, interactive flashcards you can study on Knowt.

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What is the difference between Knowt and the Knowt Chrome extension?
  • The Knowt Chrome Extension was built to make it easier for you to make flashcards and notes from literally anywhere on the internet, and seamlessly move your Quizlet flashcards to Knowt. Any lecture video, article, PDF or flashcard set you import using the extension will be saved to your Knowt notebook so you can easily access it and study at any point.
What can Knowt make flashcards from?
  • The Knowt Chrome extension includes an AI Flashcard Generator that can make flashcards from PDFs, articles and lecture videos. One way to use the AI flashcard maker is by downloading the Knowt Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store. Head over to any website and open the Knowt Chrome Extension to makes flashcards out of that video, article or pdf using AI.
What website makes summaries of lecture videos?
  • Once you import your lecture video to Knowt, the Knowt AI note taker creates a summarized notes outlining the most important information your teacher covers. The Knowt AI flashcard maker also creates flashcards you can study from & includes an interactive chat experience so you can ask questions directly about the video.
I’m not able to import something using the Knowt Chrome extension. What should I do?
  • Our chrome extension is pretty new so we are still expanding websites we support. If you’re not able to import from a certain website, please email us at and we will try our hardest to implement it as soon as possible!
Can I import from Quizlet to Knowt using a link?
  • Unfortunately, you can no longer import your Quizlets onto Knowt using a link. Instead, use the Knowt Chrome extension. It’s just as simple and quick!
How do I import Quizlet decks to Knowt?
  • Use the Knowt Chrome Extension! Just download the Knowt chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store, head over to any quizlet set and press a single button to move the Quizlet set to Knowt.
Is the Knowt extension free?
  • Yes, it is completely free!
Can I import flashcards from Cram to Knowt?
  • Yes! You can import flashcards from Cram to Knowt using the Knowt chrome extension.
Can I import flashcards from Slideshare to Knowt?
  • Yes! You can import flashcards from Slideshare to Knowt using the Knowt chrome extension.