Study 10x Faster with AI

Meet the AI Study assistant that makes flashcards and notes from literally anything. Works on lecture videos, PDFs, articles and any notes you write.

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The Fastest Way to Make Flashcards

Knowt is the #1 AI flashcard maker in the world. Just type in a term and AI will make the rest of the flashcard for you.

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Lecture Videos you can Interact with

Import your lecture video and ask AI to make summarized notes and flashcards on it, or just chat with it to learn more.

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Turn your Notes into Flashcards

Create flashcards directly from your notes using AI. Upload or create a note and our AI flashcard generator will take care of the rest.

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Type Notes More Efficiently

Unleash the power of AI to take notes faster. More time to focus on what your teacher is actually saying.

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Ask AI to Create Practice Questions

AI can create practice questions to test you on any note, video or pdf. 

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Chat with AI

AI uses the socratic method to help you understand your study material better, by asking and answering questions.

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What is AI?
  • AI is an AI study assistant that creates and notes from literally anything.
  • With AI, you can :
    1. 1. Leverage our AI Flashcard Maker to autocomplete your flashcards. Just type in a term and AI will make the rest of the flashcard for you.
    2. 2. Turn your notes into flashcards in an instant. Upload any note or write your own and ask AI to create flashcards for you. Master the flashcards using one of five study modes!
    3. 3. Type notes faster using our AI note taker to save time in class & focus on what the teacher is saying.
    4. 4. Import your lecture videos and have AI write notes, create flashcards and test you on the material.
    5. 5. Chat with your lectures and notes. Ask AI where something happens in your lecture or what something means.
How do I save time watching lecture videos on Knowt?
  • KnowtAI watches your lecture videos for you and create concise, summarized notes and flashcards on the most important information. Download the Knowt Chrome Extension and open any lecture video. Once you open the extension, you can import the video to Knowt where we will watch your lecture video, summarize your lecture using our Knowt AI Video summarizer and create practice questions and flashcards for you to practice with.
How do I turn my notes into flashcards using AI?
  • Here’s how you can use our AI flashcard generator:
    1. 1. Press the plus button on the bottom right of your home screen and “create flashcards”
    2. 2. Press the second button on top. Paste your note in or upload a PDF, Google Doc or word file & press import
    3. 3. Voila! AI made flashcards from your notes in seconds!
How do I turn my lecture videos into notes?
  • Lecture videos can be super long, making it extremely easy to miss the important stuff.
  • Get the most out of your lecture videos by doing this:
    1. 1. Upload a video, or use our chrome extension to import from Zoom, Canvas, and more.
    2. 2. Ask AI to write a summarized note and make flashcards on what’s covered in the lecture in seconds.
    3. 3. AI is an expert on exactly what’s covered in your lecture video now! Ask questions like where a certain topic was covered or have AI explain concepts covered in the class to you.