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what is done for the 1st offense?


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what is done for the 1st offense?

public oral reprimand by leb (law enforcement brigade)

what is done for the 2nd offense?

body flogging or public humiliation

what is done for the 3rd offense?

banishment or killed

who doesn't apply to the new law?

children under the age of 7

what is mittie's job?

2nd grade teacher

how old is tassie?


what does william creevy believe?

doesn't believe in obeying laws

who tells on mittie?

timmy towgate

what have the chemists in georgia been studying?

the tiles glue

what are all the new day names after d is gone?

sunshine, monty, toes, wetty, thurby, fribs, satto-gatto

what does nate think will be the saving grace?

creating a sentence like nollops of shorter length- 32, aka enterprise 32

why is nate banished?

caught for the publication

why was tassie in jail?

sending threats to police

who let tassie escape from prison?

william p

who are the final 4 in enterprise 32?

mannheim, paula, tom, ella

how did mannheim die?

the police shot him in the head- he was trespassing into a university hall

how old is ella?


how did georgeanne die?

lead and she was crazy

what is the new sentence?

pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs

who comes up with the new sentence?

amos- accidentally wrote in farewell letter

what did harton mangrove do in the end?

attempts suicide 2x

common motifs?

letters, banishment, the council, nollop

theme examples?

  • its hard to communicate clearly

  • extremism is acceptable/not acceptable if the result is positive

  • there are times when we should (not) accept what we are told

  • the grass is always greener on the other side

  • working together towards a common goal can achieve change

what is the order the tiles fell off?

z, q, j, d, k, f, b, c, v, u, x, h, y, g, a, e, i, r, s, t, w

what are the final 5 letters that are still up?


who is timmy towgate?

Student in Tassies class

who is nate warren?

Student at University of Georgia

What is Rory's brother Clay's theory about the fallen tiles?

He believes that it's Nollop's way of encouraging them to use those letters.

When one of three "o's" fall, what does the Council suggest they should do about vowels? Why is this suggestion absurd?

They want them to use the letter less (25% less) rather than fully getting rid of it.

Why was Rory banished?

He was challenging the council about other important figures besides Nollop and got angry and used banned letters

Why is it important to Georgeanna that Timmy isn't eight?

Because the school and island is challenging the fact that he is already eight

How is the town described towards the end of the story?

Empty, lonely, deserted, ghost town

who saved Tassie and Gwenette from prison

Nate saved them and snuck back onto the island with them

what is the original pangram?

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog