Human Anatomy Test 4 Short Response

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White – kill germs, Red – carries oxygen


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White – kill germs, Red – carries oxygen

What do white blood cells do? What do red blood cells do?


What structure nourishes each hair?

Most abundant protein in CONNECTIVE TISSUE. Allow for support, structure, flexibility.

What are collagenous fibers? Where can they be found?

Sweat glands (Eccrine and Apocrine glands)

Which glands are important for maintaining body temperature?

Sweating, hair follicles, blood cells

How does the skin help maintain body temperature?

Allow water and other molecules to diffuse across the body; provide protection from outside elements; structure

What are some functions of membranes?

Apocrine glands responding to stress/sexual stimulation

What causes body odor?

Causes hair to stand up; vibrates due to shivering

What does the arrector pili muscle do?

Tough, fibrous layer of protein; hair skin nails

What is keratin? Where is it found?

Stratum basale

Where are new skin cells produced?

It is made up of many layers of dead skin cells (keratin)

Why does the stratum corneum not get easily scratched?

Can be used to produce new skin, organs, blood, can cure new diseases

What are stem cells?

Protection against germs, Barrier against outside elements (water), Vitamin D production, Sensory perception, Thermoregulation (sweating or shivering)

5 Functions of the Skin