Who Am I History of Psychology Exam 3

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psychology used this to persuade people that psychology was just as legitimate, scientific, and essential as the more established sciences


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psychology used this to persuade people that psychology was just as legitimate, scientific, and essential as the more established sciences

language of medicine

I was fired from Columbia University in 1917 for writing letters protesting the draft

James Cattell

believed to be related to intelligence

vital capacity

started the world's first psychology clinic

lightener witmer

evidence shows that IQ differences are


found that both the Clark School of Religious Psychology and the Journal of Religious Psychology

G Stanley Hall

invented a test of the intelligence quotient (IQ)

lewis terman

watson's behaviorism deliberately declare war as a protest against

structuralism and functionalism

coined the term 'mental testing'

james cattell

the first person to apply psychology to personnel selection, management and advertising

walter dill scott

surgically diverted gland so saliva could be collected outside dog's cheek


psychologists described the people they tested as


became one of the first American psychologists to stress quantification ranking and stress

James Cattell

primarily responsible for bringing Freud to America for his famous series of lectures in 1909

G Stanley Hall

developed the first truly psychological test of mental ability

alfred binet

one of the most controversial things about the IQ test

racial difference in intelligence

founded first psychological consulting company

walter dill scott

witmer thought that some of the school problems he saw could have

physical basis

urged psychologists to aid war effort during WWI

robert yerkes

most prominent female psychologist in the english speaking world

anne anastasi

one of the founders of the AAUP

James Cattell

developed the draw a man test

florence goodenough

why was witmer's appraoch quickly adopted by others

because it worked

one of the reasons applied psychology was popular


this advanced the clinical psychology movement

WWII in 1941

made a presentation of APA that showed how the knee jerk reflex became conditioned to stimulus other than the hammer tap

EB Twitmyer

first president of Clark University

G Stanley Hall

an investigation of the effects of the physical work environment

Hawthorne studies

in order to re-gain the public trust, testing psychologists borrowed terms from

medicine and engineering

in 1913, this country had more of the world's leading psychologists than any other country

United States

largest employer of psychologists in the US

Veterans Administration

started the first psychology lab in the US

G Stanley Hall

in 1896, he opened the first psychology clinic but not the same as today's clinical psychology

lightener witmer

one of Hall's students, worked with mentally retarted children at the Vineland School

henry goddard

first to use the word 'behavior'

charles turner

discriminated against for being a woman in business and in publishing. also promoted time and motion analysis as a technique to improve job performance

lilian gilbreth

after attending several colleges, they read Wundt's book and became the first to receive a PhD in psychology in the US

G Stanley Hall

developed the infant intelligence scale

psyche cattell

referred to Hall as 'queerest mixture of biggnes and pettiness I ever knew'

William James

became a big business with lots of opportunity for applied psychology

compulsory education