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Imperialism (Global)

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Imperialism (Global)

would lead to conflicts in Asia and a scramble to colonize Africa

it was a belief in nationalism, desire for economic wealth, sense of religious justification, belief in biological superiority, etc

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European Nationalism (Europe)

European states were increasingly able to pursue political power abroad

Rise of nationalism, creation of nations/states

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Sino-Japanese War (East Asia)

a war between China and Japan for influence, power, and territory

Japan seized Taiwan

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Formosa(East Asia)


Was known from Portuguese colonization in the 16th century

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phrenologists (Europe)

people who studied skull sizes and shapes; claimed that the smaller skulls of Africans, Asians, and indigenous Americans proved their inferiority

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Charles Darwin- Social Darwinism (Europe)

theory of natural selection, evolution, and survival of the fittest. Used as justification for European and US dominance. Idea of biological superiority

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cultural ideologies(Europe)

beliefs and assumptions about groups to explain and justify unequal social hierarchies

Colonizers would feel more powerful due to them bringing technology into colonized worlds

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Religious Motives (Europe)

missionaries spreading religion, culture, technology and medication

missionaries set up schools

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David Linginstone(Europe)

missionary who worked in sub- saharan Africa to end illegal slave trade

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EIC (South Asia)

a royal charter in 1600 giving it a monopoly on England's trade with India

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VOC (South East Asia)

a monopoly on trade between the cape of good hope at the southern tip of Africa and the Straits of Magellan at South America \n Took over the spice trade from Portuguese setting up several trading posts on the archipelago

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Expanding beyond trading posts (South Africa)

European nations expanded their presence in Africa with the better military technology

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Quinine (africa)

A medicine that treated the tropical disease malaria and reduced the danger of living in warm regions

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British control of Egypt (Middle East)

Brits wanted to build a canal between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea

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Suez Canal (Middle East)

shortened the sea voyage between Europe and Asia

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Corvee Laborers (North Africa)

unpaid workers who were forced to work on the Suez Canal project as a form of taxation

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Sierra Leone (west Africa)

was established in 1787 and it was a home for freed people from throughout the British Empire who had been enslaved

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Gold Coast (West Africa)

become a crown colony in 1874

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"Scramble for Africa" (Africa)

the competing efforts of Europeans to colonize Africa. this would eventually lead to war

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Berlin Conference (Europe)

a meeting of European powers to provide for the orderly colonization of Africa

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Cape Colony (South Africa)

a former province that was founded by the Dutch but later ceded to Great Britain

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Afrikaners (South Africa)

the descendants of the 17th century Dutch settlers who moved east of Cape Colony where they had come into conflict with indigenous people

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Boer Wars (South Africa)

the British and afrikaners continued to fight over rich mining land. it was bloody and brutal

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Concentration Camps (South Africa)

British army forced Afrikaners and Africans to refugee camps. They were segregated by race. they had bad medical care and sanitation and had bad food rations

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King Leopold II (Central Africa)

oversaw the invasion and pacification of the Congo in order to persuade the Belgian government to support colonial expansion

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Congo Free State (Central Africa)

which totaled 220 millions francs using colonial officials against indigenous Congolese and a ruthless system of economic exploitation

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Boxer Rebellion (East Asia)

an uprising against foreigners in China. was a secret society who embarked on a journey to rid China of all foreigners

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Japan (east Asia)

America colonized on Japan while Japan began to terrorize other parts of the world in search for resources

closed off their trade

wanted to grow

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Colonization society (east Asia)

Leaders began plans to establish colonies in Mexico and Latin America

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Dutch East Indies (South East Asia)

once the VOC folded the Dutch government took control of this

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France in South East Asia (South East Asia)

they gained control of northern Vietnam

they pursued siam

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Indochina (South East Asia)

Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam

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Malaya (South East Asia)

was the world's greatest producer of natural rubber

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Siam (South East Asia)

Modern day Thailand. their government handled diplomatic relations with the British and French. had modernizing reforms

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Penal colony (Oceania)

a colony where criminals or convicts go

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Indian Territory (North America)

now Oklahoma. where people got relocated to

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Trail of Tears (North America)

native Americans dying from exposure, malnutrition, and disease and exhaustion because of forced migration became know as

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Monore Doctrine (North America)

which stated the European nations should not interfere in the affairs of other countries in the western Hemisphere

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Manifest Destiny (North America)

a natural and inevitable right to expand to the Pacific Ocean

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Roosevelt Corollary (North America)

if countries in Latin American demonstrated instability, then the US would come and interfere

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Russian Expansion (Europe)

claimed land from Ottoman and Poland

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The Great Game (Middle East)

Rivalry between Britain and Russia in Central Asia in the late 19th century over claiming Afghanistan

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Balkan Peninsula (Europe)

A large peninsula in southeastern Europe containing the a mountain range

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Proclamation of 1763 (North America)

this act reserved all of the land between the Appalachian movements and Mississippi River for native Americans

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Cherokee Nation (North America)

adopted a constitution based on the US constitution

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Indian Removal Act (North America)

the Cherokee and other South east Native American tribes were forced to relocate to what is now Oklahoma.

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Ghost Dance (North America)

rituals of dances and songs were meant to hasten this event spread from the Sierra Nevada to the Sioux

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Tupac Amaru II (South America)

his actions caused the last general Indian revolt against Spain

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French Intervention in Mexico (North America)

Mexican conservatives conspired with Emperor Napoleon to overthrow the liberal government of Benito

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Benito Juarez (North America)

Mexican leader who was a full-blooded Zapotec. led the la Reforma. he was forced out of government for trying to lessen Roman Catholic church's power.

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Indian Rebellion of 1857 (South Asia)

Sepoy Mutiny, spread throughout cities in North India

The British crushed the rebellion, killing thousands but this event moved the emergence of Indian nationalism

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Raj (South Asia)

the British colonial government of this territory

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Indian National Congress (South Asia)

began as a forum for airing grievances to the colonial government, it quickly began to call for self rule

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Jose Rizal (south east asia)

son of a wealthy filipino man. started movement called Liga Filipina. He was loyal to Spain, the Spanish feared it. He was arrested and executed.

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Philippine Revolution(south east asia)

the Filipino's nationalist ambitions caused them to have several revolts out in provinces around the Manila

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Treaty of Paris (North America)

ended war but transferred control of Philippines from the Spain to the US

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Philippine- American War (south east asia)

hostilities due to the Treaty of Paris cased this to happen. thousands died

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aboriginal (oceania)

these people have been in this location for an estimated 50,000 Years and have the oldest continuous culture on Earth

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Australia (oceania)

Brits were trying to colonize this place

was a penal colony

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New Zealand (oceania)

Maori people

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Maori Wars (oceania)

the Maori people became alarmed by the British settlement and because of this it caused this

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Pan-Africanism (Africa)

western educated africans had shared identity and nationalism

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Sokoto Caliphate (W africa)

established the slave trade as a means of economic growth at a time when the British were trying to stop it

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Usman dan Fodio (w africa)

started a drive to purify Islam among the Hausa tribes of the region

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South Africa (South Africa)

fought against the brits

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Xhosa (South Africa)

people who didn't want to be ruled by the Europeans. were sick and dying due to the Brit's diseases and cattle

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Xhosa Cattle Killing Movement (South Africa)

xhosa people killed cattle which caused thousands of people to die. immediate result was famine and death. however, the Brits did not leave

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Zulu (South Africa)

was a well organized and centralized state

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Anglo-Zulu War (South Africa)

went in favor of the Zulus as independent nation, but eventually the British defeated them, and their lands became part of the British colony of South Africa

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Samory Toure's War (w africa)

led group of warriors to establish a powerful kingdoms in Guinea. They opposed French aliments

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Madhist Revolt (e africa)

an Islamic revolt against the Egyptian government in the Sudan.

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Muhammad Ahmad (e africa)

Declared himself the Mahdi led resistance against British expansion into Sudan

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Yaa Asantewaa War (w africa)

Brits made several attempts to subjugate the Astante empire

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Yaa Asantewaa (w africa)

mighty warrior queen, let by a rebellion against the British was the last African war led by a women

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Astante Empire (w africa)

in present day Ghana

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Cecil Rhodes (Europe)

Founder of De Beers Diamonds

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Guano (south america)

bat and seabird excrement that is rich in nitrate and phosphate. was a natural fertilizer

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Palm oil (west africa)

used for candle making and lubricant for machines and to store food products

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Diamonds (South Africa)

highly valued precious stones. De beers monopolized this

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De Beers Mining Company (South Africa)

Diamond Mining company founded by Cecil Rhodes

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Apartheid (South Africa)

Racial separation and inequality

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Economic Imperialism (Europe)

A situation in which foreign business interests have great economic power or influence

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Spice Islands (south east Asia)

Present day Indonesia

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Culture System (South east Asia)

which forced farmers to choose between growing cash crops for such export or performing corvée labor

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China (east Asia)

produced porcelain, tea, silk

were not interested in British goods

used opium

diaspora began after California gold rush

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Opium (South Asia)

an addictive hallucinogenic drug that reduces stress

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Opium War (east Asia)

a conflict between Britain and China, lasting from 1839 to 1842, over Britain's opium trade in China

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Treaty of Nanking (east Asia)

required China to open up four additional ports to foreigners

the island of Hong Kong

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Spheres of Influence (East Asia)

nations began forcing China to give them exclusive trading rights in areas

was something in china that allowed the exclusive trading rights and access to natural resources

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Egypt (North Africa)

embraced cotton as a cash crop

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Kenya (east africa)

native people were herders

bad soil and bad climates

cheap labor

forbidden cash crop export

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Gold Coast (west africa)

Largest cocoa producer in the world

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Role of USA (North America)

their investments concentrated in Mexico and Cuba

Supported infrastructure and industry especially railroads

mining, guano and meat processing packing plants

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Investments in Argentina (south america)

breeding stock developed large scale farming

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Pampas (south america)

grassy plains

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Mining in Chile (south america)

Spain colonized them

copper would come to dominance Chile's exports

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Rubber industry In Brazil (south america)

was once booming

declined after Malayasia

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Banana Republics (north america)

Small Central American countries under the economic power of foreign-based corporations. Politically unstable states with an economy dependent upon the exportation of a limited-resource product.

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Economic Imperialism in Hawaii (north america)

a group of American businesses and sugar plants were here

over threw the monarchy

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Asian Contract Laborers (south east Asia)

Britain tried this form of labour after slave trade ended

Chinese and Indian workers

Unskilled and were difficult

The media criticized this happening

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