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Mathew purpose

To convince the Jews to receive Jesus as King

Mathew theme

Messiah as king

Mark purpose

To convince the Romans to receive Jesus

Mark theme

Messiah as Servant Redeemer

Luke purpose

To Convince the Gentiles to receive Jesus

Luke theme

Messiah as Perfect Man

John purpose

To convince the World to receive Jesus

John theme

Messiah as Son of God

Acts purpose

To show the spread of the gospel from Jerusalem to Rome

Acts theme

Expansion of the Church

Galatians purpose

To show that salvation is not by law but by grace

Galatians theme

Freedom in Christ

1 Thessalonians purpose

To Display Christian tasks in light of the rapture

1 Thessalonians theme

Holiness in view of Christ's return

2 Thessalonians purpose

to show the events preceding the Day of the Lord

2 Thessalonians theme

Day of the Lord

1 Corinthians purpose

To deal with church problems

1 Corinthians theme

Christ is the answer to problems

2 Corinthians purpose

To defend God's minister

2 Corinthians theme

Divine comfort and power

Romans purpose

To present the doctrine of salvation

Romans theme

Righteousness of God

Ephesians purpose

To present the church as the body of Christ

Ephesians theme

Mystery of the Church

Colossians purpose

To present Christ as the preeminent head of the church

Colossians theme

Preeminence of Christ

Philemon purpose

The Request to Forgive Onesimus

Philemon theme

Christian forgiveness

Phillipians purpose

To present Christ and himself as servants

Phillipians theme

The joy of sacrifically serving God

1 Timothy purpose

Pastoral Instruction/False Teacher Warning

1 Timothy theme

Church administration manual

Titus purpose

To Exhort to do good works

Titus theme

Church administration manual

2 Timothy purpose

To Exhort to continue in the faith

2 Timothy theme

Ministerial Endurance

James purpose

To persuade to add works to faith

James theme

A working faith

Hebrews purpose

To persuade of Christs finished work

Hebrews theme

Finality of Christ's Redemptive work

1 Peter purpose

To encourage suffering saints

1 Peter theme

Suffering for Christ

2 Peter purpose

To warn against false teachers

2 Peter theme

Holiness in view of Christ's return

Jude purpose

To exhort to contend for the faith

Jude theme

Contending for the faith

1 John purpose

To present the tests of eternal life

1 John theme

True Christian Fellowship

2 John purpose

To warn against false teachers