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AP Psychology explores the concepts, theories, and methodologies behind the scientific investigation of human behavior and cognitive processes. Click through our free AP Psychology notes and AP Psych flashcards below:

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The only resource you need to get a 5 on the AP Psychology exam.


💥AP Psychology Ultimate Guide
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AP Psychology Ultimate Guide
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📑 AP Psychology Unit 1: Scientific Foundations of Psychology
🤓 AP Psychology Unit 2: Biological Bases of Behavior
🙉 AP Psychology Unit 3: Sensation and Perception
👩‍🎓 AP Psychology Unit 4: Learning
👼 AP Psychology Unit 5: Cognitive Psychology
🫥 AP Psychology Unit 6: Developmental Psychology
🧐 AP Psychology Unit 7: Motivation, Emotion, and Personality
👩‍⚕️ AP Psychology Unit 8: Clinical Psychology
😧 AP Psychology Unit 9: Social Psychology

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What is the AP Psychology exam format?
The exam format includes 100 multiple-choice questions, and 2 free-response questions. The Multiple-choice section of the exam is worth 67% of the total exam weight, and the FRQ section is counted for 33% of the total exam weight. Students are allotted 70 minutes to complete the multiple-choice section, and 50 minutes to compose their responses to the free response questions. To make sure you’re prepared enough to finish in time, take a look through our free AP Psychology study guide that covers the most important material you should know.
How do I study for AP Psychology?
You’ve likely covered a lot of material during your course this year, but to get a 5 on the AP exam, it’s important you understand how often each topic shows up. This course investigates the realm of psychology, where you will engage in reading, discourse, and the evaluation of data derived from various psychological research endeavors. Once you take a look through the breakdown below, make sure to read through the AP Psychology study guide above with all the key points you should know for each unit.
What units are on AP Psychology?
  • Unit 1: Scientific Foundations of Psychology
  • In this unit, you will begin to study and understand the fundamental underpinnings of psychological theories, leading to the examination of behaviors and mental processes in both humans and animals. Additionally, you will develop insights into the methodologies used by psychologists for the creation and execution of research studies.
  • Module 2: Biological Bases of Behavior
  • Within this unit, you will investigate behaviors and cognitive functions through a biological lens, researching the interaction between human biology and the external environment. This exploration will showcase how impactful this interaction is on our behaviors and mental processes.
  • Module 3: Sensation and Perception
  • This unit explores the intricate mechanics of human sensory perception, expanding on the process through which sensory input is transformed into meaningful perceptions that significantly shape our cognitive processes and behaviors.
  • Module 4: The Study of Learning
  • In this unit, you will explore the unit of psychology dedicated to understanding the mechanisms through which humans and other creatures acquire knowledge and skills. You will also investigate how the process of learning transforms throughout a lifetime.
  • Module 5: Cognitive Psychology
  • Within this unit you will begin to evaluate the small and intricate aspects of memory, intelligence, and various other cognitive processes, unraveling how strongly they influence human behavior.
  • Unit 6: Developmental Psychology
  • In this unit, you will explore how both physical developments and social dynamics throughout the human lifespan alter and impact behaviors and cognitive functions. This complicated investigation will be approached from multiple points of view, showcasing the complex confluence between development and mental processes.
  • Unit 7: Motivation, Emotion, and Personality
  • Within this unit you will begin to study and comprehend personality through the unique perspectives of behavior and cognitive processes, unraveling the complicated system that gives an individual their distinctive character. Additionally, this unit will investigate the realms of motivation and emotion, examining their significant roles in shaping human experiences and actions.
  • Unit 8: Clinical Psychology
  • In this unit, you will go deeper into the subjects of clinical psychology, gaining insights into the methodologies employed by psychologists to assess, investigate, and provide treatment for a multitude of psychological disorders.
  • Module 9: Social Psychology
  • Within this unit, you will explore the world of social psychology, discovering the intricate dynamics of human interactions within groups and social contexts. Additionally, you will unravel the ways in which external influences shape an individual's behavior and cognitive processes.
What are the video resources?
We’ve handpicked some of our favorite youtube channels and videos that align with the key topics and themes covered in our AP Psychology study guides. These channels can be a great way to get a better grasp of AP Psychology. These videos do an informative breakdown and explain the intricacies that are the units of AP psychology, including breakdowns of biological behavior, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology and social psychology.
Where can I ask AP Psychology questions?
Connect with like-minded students who are also preparing for the exam and delve into the world of AP Psychology review together. By joining our Discord community, you can collaborate, exchange questions, discuss AP Psychology notes, and discuss any tricky problems with fellow AP Psychology students. Together, you can better understand challenging concepts, share helpful resources, and support each other on your way to getting a 5!
What is AP Psychology?
AP Psychology explores the human mind, our cognitive processes, and evaluates all the intricacies that make up an individual's personality. This course delves into the nature versus nurture that lends to our upbringings and our characteristics. Within AP Psychology you will gain an innate understanding of why people react and feel the way they do. On this page, you’ll find AP Psychology resources to help you with your AP Psychology review.