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Is Dracula written in English?

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Is Dracula written in English?

Was written in pitman shortman at the beginning of the novel, but later on gets translated.

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What’s so unique about the Carpathian mountains?

It’s considered a gathering place for superstitions and represent an imaginative whirlpool of different forces. This can be fitting of the genre of Dracula.

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What seperates Dracula from any sort of monster?

Dracula is an adaptable monster who blends into London and embodies the threat of atavism or reversion.

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What’s Ativism

Revert back to the primative state. The idea of just being animals.

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Symbol of the lizard?

The image of the lizard in Dracula is connected to Darwinian evolution and the fear that humans are just animals.

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the loss of emotions in society.

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What does Dracula’s ability to evolve incorporate to the world’s society?

Dracula's evolution into atavism challenges the idea of civilization's advancement as a lie.

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What does it mean for Dracula to discuss homogeneity?

The novel explores the fear of losing homogeneity and racial purity in England due to immigration and the British Empire's penetration into Africa and India

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What’s the symbolism of the bite?

The vampire's bite symbolizes the penetration of society and the contamination of blood, with racist connotations.

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How does Dracula important the idea of the “new woman” seen with Mina

The emerging feminism of the "new woman" and the fear of homosexuality are also concerns in the novel.

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What does Jonathan realize for about victorian fashion through the victorian peasants?

Victorian modesty is highlighted through Jonathan's observation of peasant women's clothing.

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Why is Jonathan’s so considered with finding recipes?

Jonathan's concern for dietary issues will be confronted when he encounters Dracula's horrific and cannibalistic diet, metaphorically representing the shock of new trends in thought in the late 19th century.

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What’s the signficane of the Roman Catholic Rosary?

Jonathan is hesitant about the rosary but later realizes its potency against Dracula, meaning that Dracula had a religious connection before the beginning of the story.

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Why is Dracula unable to to touch the beads of the rosary?

  • Jonathan is hesitant about the rosary but later realizes its potency against Dracula

  • Dracula is unable to touch the beads of the rosary

  • Sets up the theme of Dracula's allergic reaction to the mother of Christ

  • Dracula can only rest on consecrated earth and avoids the Virgin Mary

  • Dracula's past as a devout Catholic individual is hinted at

  • Dracula is released at the end of the book, possibly due to the prayers of the mother of God

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Mary's association with Genesis

References to Genesis in Chapter 1

Description of the East setting resembling the Garden of Eden

Connection to the serpent in the beauty of the landscape

Spring imagery and connection to the Virgin Mary and Genesis

Blue flame setting in Chapter 1, associated with the Virgin Mary

Chapter 1 set in the month of May, the month devoted to the Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church

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When does Dracula’s story begin

May of 1897

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Why does it matter for the month of may?

May is important to Saint Mary.

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What’s the symbolism of death in dracula?

Death is something the human beings should look for

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What’s Dracula facial appearance described as?

Dracula is described as having an aquiline face and being cold as ice

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What’s the importance of the wolves working with the vampires?

Emphasis on the supremacy of vampires over wolves and other predators.

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Why are locked doors symbolic?

Symbolism of locked doors in the castle representing the different chambers of the human mind, it’s beautiful but there some aspects of humanity that is best left in a state of unkown.

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Why is Dracula so intrigued with the carfax estate when he wants to rest

Introduction to Carfax estate and its connection to consecrated earth.

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Why can’t Jonathan see Dracula, when he was shaving?

Because Dracula has no soul, he’s unable to be seen through the mirror.

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What’s Draculas reaction to the rosary?


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What was Jonathan’s view of the castle? How does Jonathan view about it?

He finds it beautiful but feels powerless in its area, an area he wants to be in but isn’t able to as he’s a prisoner, feels like a rat.

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What does Jonathan feel like throughout the time of imprisonment

Jonathan's powerlessness and resemblance to a helpless maiden in distress

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Why is the abiltiy of it being true so important

The importance of truth in the Victorian period and its connection to courage. Without it you’re unable to be courageous

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Why is Dracula so proud of his race?

Because it flows the blood of many races of strong people.

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What is Dracula described as?

Un-dead, described as both alive and dead, with no pulse but blood flowing through his veins

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Why is Dracula compared to a lizard

Dracula's fingers and toes grasping the corners of stones, similar to how a lizard moves along a wall

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Why is Dracula’s connection to lizards symbolic?

Jonathan's association of Dracula with a lizard aligns him with the monstrous proofs of Darwinian evolution, such as dinosaurs

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Why are the women described so important?

  • Jonathan describes sitting at a writing desk where a fair lady used to write letters

  • Women suddenly appear but then dissolve

  • The women are described as young ladies, not unclothed or nude

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What are three women described as?

dark complexoned and one blonde.

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Why is the name of Lilith so important in Dracula?

Lilith is a symbol of the first wife of Adam who rejected God's will and became a child killer. Lilith represents a satanic inversion of biblical womanhood and rejects traditional values associated with women

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Why is temptation scene related with agony compared to sexuality?

The scene ends with the eating of a human baby, expressing Stoker's fear of societal degeneration and the emergence of lethal anti-mothers

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The symbol of kisses in Dracula

The idea of the kiss in the novel is an inversion of the sacred concept of a holy kiss in the Bible. The kiss in Dracula is unholy, satanic, and destructive

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What makes Lilith a satanic inversion to the bible?

Lilith's role as a children destroyer contrasts with Eve's role as a child-bearer in the Bible

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What does Jonathan discover about Dracula at the chapel?

Jonathan discovers Count Dracula sleeping on consecrated earth in an old ruined chapel

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What’s Dracula viewed when asleep

like a leech

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What is Dracula’s objective to get blood?

Jonathan foreshadows Dracula's plan to satisfy his lust for blood in London and create more vampires

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What’s Dracula’s gaze similar to

Dracula's gaze is compared to the mythical basilic, which paralyzes its prey

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How is dracula described through Van Helsing? In 263?

Dracula is described as experimenting and doing it well

If not stopped, he will be the father or furtherer of a new order of beings

This new order of beings will have no conscience and be cruel and evil

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What does Dracula represent on the future.

Advanced, but human emotion doesn’t exist/ isn’t prevalent anymore

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Why is the storm scene importat

Lilith is also referred to as a storm demon

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What’s the importance of the beauty of the storm

The beauty of the storm is connected to landscape painter Joseph Turner

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What is Dracula’s sudden convulsion is to the bible?

an inversion New Testament's story of Jesus calming the storm

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What’s special of the dead captain?

The captain of the ship is tied to the wheel with a crucifix and beads of the rosary

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Why is the captain the only corpse?

Dracula will not touch anything related to the mother of Christ

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What’s important about Demeter?

the Greek Goddess of fertility

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Why is the fertility so important?

Dracula needs earth from his demonic garden for his invasion plan. The fertility in Dracula's plan is a dark kind where death is breeding

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Why did the sailors disappear?

Dracula kills and eats sailors to build up his strength

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Why is the fog so unique to Dracula?

Dracula is described as a blind demonic force associated with a fog

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What is Dracula’s reappearance to Victorian so important?

It’s the symolbic of victorian changes of change

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Why is Lucy’s breathing symbolic?

Lucy's breathing changes after being bitten by Dracula, symbolizing the loss of the breath of life

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What does this mean for Dracula’s bite?

Dracula's bite causes the breath of life to leave the victims

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What’s the importanct of Lucy feeling of suffocation and drowning men

Lucy describes a feeling of suffocation and a singing in her ears, similar to drowning men hearing the mythical sirens' songs.

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What is Renfield for Dracula? Is he an inversion?

Renfield refers to Dracula as "the master," which can be seen as a satanic inversion of John the Baptist's reference to Jesus as "the master."

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Why is Chloro so important?

  • Dr. Seward uses drugs, specifically Chloro, to cope with his anxiety.

  • He does not want to become a drug addict as it would be a disgrace to Lucy.

  • The drug Chloro is referred to as "the modern Morpheus," referencing Morpheus, the god of dreams.

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How is Renfield an inversion echo of John the Bapitist?

Dr. Seward comments on Renfield's selfishness and his focus on material rewards, even when he believes he is in the presence of something real. The phrase "real presence" is used to describe Renfield's connection to Dracula, reminiscent of the real presence of Jesus in the Catholic Church's holy communion.

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What’s so important about Jonathan’s Journal?

The journal is so disturbing that she translates it to English

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What makes mina’s interaction with Van helsings joke so fascinating?

It’s related to the apple that causes Eve’s downfall

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What is Van Helsing’s view of Mina?

The ideal woman, and believes she’s represents heaven on Earth.

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Why is that? (Why is Mina so important?)

Mina is praised for her loyalty, reason, and traditional values.

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What Makes Lucy’s situation unique?

She’s not dead, she’s the reason for disturbing the peace of attacking children.

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Who was in the operation of killing lucy?

Seward, Quincy, Arthur, and Van Helsing

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What’s fascinating about these 4 men?

3 of them wanted to propose her, and another is a father figure

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What makes the host, a wafer-like biscuit as a barrier against vampies?

The host contains the divine presence of Christ, which repels evil.

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What does Lucy’s reappearance symbolize?

Lilith, She has been killing children and growls over them like a dog over a bone.

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What does the narrow crack in the tomb do to Lucy?

She passes through

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What does her ability to pass through the crack symbolize?

This demonstrates the power of the host as a barrier against evil.

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Who killed Lucy?

Lucy is killed by Arthur, her husband, to release her from her evil state.

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What makes it disturbing to Arthur?

Another interpretation is that it represents the only way for Arthur to have a physical connection with Lucy.

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What justifies Arthur’s act of killing?

  • Dracula has destroyed the potential goodness in Arthur and Lucy's marriage.

  • Arthur's act of love is to consummate their marriage by penetrating Lucy with a stake.

  • This act brings an end to Lucy's torment and allows her to find peace.

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What makes Mina’s visit to Renfield important

Renfield’s actually cooperative.

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What’s important abount Renfield’s breath symbolic?

It’s related to death.

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What makes Renfield’s usage of flies and spiders?

They’re food associated with bats and lizards.

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Are the existence of vampires real?

It’s confirmed in Van Helsing’s research.

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How did Van Helsing discover dracula’s a vampire?

Van Helsing believes he has identified Dracula based on historical background

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What makes the Rosenfatu so interesting?

We needed scientific knowledge to combat vampires.

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What makes Renfield unique?

He’s a person who wants to idolize dracula, but also has a speck of humanity in him.

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What is the highest weapon to Dracula?

The sacred wafer.

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What makes the location ironic

It’s in horrible condiition

  • The floor is covered in inches of dust, except for recent footsteps.

  • The walls are fluffy and heavy with dust.

  • The chapel is next to Dr. Seward's insane asylum, making it a strategic choice for Dracula.

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How does odor affect of the chapel?

It intensifies Dracula's loathsomeness.

It is strange because Dracula does not breathe, yet the smell of his breath is present.

This is a satanic inversion of the biblical concept of breath as the Spirit of God.

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What happens to Mina after the men left her? What makes the mist symbolic?

A white mist creeps into Mina's bedroom, growing thicker and resembling a pillar of cloud.

This image references the biblical pillar of cloud and fire in the book of Exodus.

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What makes a pillar of cloud as dracula significant?

Dracula's appearance as a pillar of cloud signifies his journey to England, the promised land.

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What does Mina do? Against Dracula?

She supposedly uses drug to help her sleep.

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What happened to Renfield in chapter 21?

Dracula sends flies and makes promises to Renfield. Dracula takes on the role of Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies.

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What are the two accounts of Mina’s attack?

The attack’s described as a rape scene.

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How does Dracula view Mina

A tool. For his advantage, to be used, and take advantage of.

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What does Dracula do to Mina with his exposed chest?

Dracula forces Mina to drink his blood by pressing her mouth to his chest.

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How is this religiously viewed of Mina to Dracula?

This is a satanic inversion of the medieval image of the "Jesus loving pelican."

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What month is the last chapter in Dracula?


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What makes November important?

The month of the dead. This symbolically connects to the theme of death and the end of the novel.

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What happens to Mina after she’s been bitten?

She slowly becomes a vampire.

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What are the actions of mina during her transformation?

She lies to Van Helsing about eating

She looks at Van Helsing with bright eyes, like a predator

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What does Van helsing do against the three vampire women?

A holy circle using a communion wafer

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What happens to Van Helsing and the first vampire woman?

Temptation, but loses it and realizes that defeated her she was peaceful. He found the motivation to conclude their endings.

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What happens in the last scene of dracula?

He’s being chased.

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who defeated Dracula?

Dracula get’s killed by Jonathan with a knife

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Why was Dracula happy of his death.

Released his suffering.

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