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Which level of the Social Ecological Model represents your family and friends?

public policy

the macrosystem of the Social Ecological Model represents which of the following


true or false? self efficacy has been shown to be an important factor in an individuals choice of activity, effort exerted in those activities, and persistence in the activity when faced with challenges

indesisional balance

Which is not a construct of the transtheoretical model

post contemplation

which of the following is not a stage of the transtheoretical model

past performance

self-efficacy is an important determinate of behavior in physical activity, exercise, and sport and is derived from 4 factors, one of which is

transtheoretical model

the ________ postulates that individuals engaging in new behavior, such as adopting a regular exercise program, move through the stages of pre contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance

processes of change

the 10 processes that represent the behaviors, cognitions, and emotions that people engage in to change a behavior is known as

biceps brachii; triceps brachii

when performing a biceps curl, the _____ is considered to be the agonist, while the _______ is considered to play the role of the antagonist


what is the best classification of an exercise that includes muscular force exerted as a muscle shortens


painful degenerative condition affecting the joint, more commonly a joint of the lower extremities. the degeneration typically breaks down cartilage first

muscular endurance

which health related fitness component is described as the ability of a muscle or group of muscles to sustain repeated contractions against a resistance for an extended period of time

cardiorespitory endurance

what term is defined as the ability of the body to perform prolonged, large-muscle, dynamic exercise at moderate to high levels of intensity

150 minutes of MVPA weekly

according to national guidelines, adults should get how much physical activity


these are responsible for building a new bone tissue in response to stress


this removes old bone for reabsorption

increases; increases

when describing the use of carbohydrates and fats in energy production, as intensity _______, carbohydrate use _________


when describing the use of carbohydrates and fats in energy production, as duration goes up, fat utilization ________


which of the following sources provides the most energy during the performance of low intensity excersice

increased exercise duration

which of the following factors would increase the use of fat as an energy source


true or false the crossover point describes that exercise duration when there is a shift from fat supplying the majority of energy to carbohydrates supplying the majority of energy


true or false exercise training alters the characteristics of the muscle fibers to support they type of training performed


which energy system involves the breakdown of carbohydrates into the end products of pyruvic acid and lactic acid

creatine phosphate

which energy pathway burns through ATP stores immediately and can anaerobically resynthesize ATP during very high intensity exercise

oxidative metabolism

the aerobic energy system which used pyruvic acid in the mitochondria to create many ATP

eccentric contraction

during which exercise does a muscle lengthen as it contracts

the basic form of energy used by cells

what is the definition of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)


what is the best classification of an exercise that included muscular force exerted as a muscle shortens

first 2

what decades in life are characterized by growth, maturation, and development

pediatric obesity

what type of obesity is characterized by a chronic energy imbalance and is influenced by complex interaction between genetic, metabolic, behavioral, and environmental factors


what is the approximate rate of declinein VO2 max per year during aging

decreased skeletal tissue

which of the following is not a factor which could be responsible for an improvement in maximal arteriovenous oxygen difference

exercise training

which factor can profoundly influence physical function in older individuals


true or false lifestyle and the ability to live independently may be compromised even in older adults free of disease due to a reduction of physical capabilities


true or false over the last 4 decades, the decreasing prevalence of obesity in young people has propelled management of child obesity to the forefront of the global public health agenda


what percentage of children who are obese in childhood remain obese as adults

type I

slow twitch (oxidative) many mitochondria fatigues slowly

type IIa

oxidative-glycolytic medium mitochondria fatigues medium

type IIb

fast twitch (glycolytic) few mitochondria fatigues fast

integumentary system aging

thins as cell activity declines and there is a decrease in collagen and elastin synthesis, leading to increased potential pathogens entering the body

skeletal system aging

osteoclast activity outpaces osteoblast activity leading to a net loss of tissue

urinary system aging

kidneys become less adept at removing waste and toxins from the blood

immune system aging

slower wound healing and increased risk of infection

cardiovascular system aging

increase in atherosclerosis and fatty streaks

nervous system aging

brain size decreases 10%impairing memory, hearing, and balance

endocrine system aging

melatonin release is less responsive to change in light

respiratory system aging

elasticity in the alveoli starts to get replaced by collagen

eccentric contraction

arm muscle when placing your backpack on the floor

isometric contraction

holding a coffee mug (hand)