Lesson 1: Rizal in Binan

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Date of Birth of Rizal


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Chapter 3: Early Education in Calamba and Binan

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Date of Birth of Rizal

June 19, 1861

  • moonlit night of wednesday

  • between eleven pm to midnight

  • a few days before full moon

Place of Birth of Rizal

Lakeshore town of Calamba, Laguna

Reason why his mother almost died during the delivery

Because of his big head

Date of Rizal's baptism

June 22 1861

Age of Rizal when baptized

3 days old

Place where Rizal was baptized

in a catholic church in his town

The parish priest that baptized Rizal

Father Rufino Collantes

  • a batangueno

  • impressed by the rizal's big head.

  • told the members of the family to take good care of him, for someday he will become a great man

  • his words proved to be prophetic

godfather (ninong) of Rizal

Father Pedro Casanas

  • native of Calamba

  • close friend of the Rizal Family

Reason why the name "Jose" was chosen by his mother

His mother is a devotee of the christian saint San Jose (St. Joseph)

Father of Rizal

Francisco Mercado Rizal

Mother of Rizal

Teodora Alonso Realonda

  • Rizal's first teacher

Number of siblings of Rizal


  • 9 girls, 2 boys

  • Rizal is the 7th child

Siblings of Rizal

  1. Saturnina

  2. Paciano

  3. Narcisa

  4. Olimpia

  5. Lucia

  6. Maria

  7. Jose

  8. Concepcion

  9. Josefa

  10. Trinidad

  11. Soledad

Rizal's first private tutor

Maestro Celestiao

Riza's second private tutor

Maestro Lucas Padua

Rizal's last tutor

Leon Monroy

  • Former classmate of Rizal's father

  • old teacher that lived at Rizal's home

  • instructed Rizal in Spanish and Latin

  • died 5 months later

June 1869

  • Rizal goes to Binan to study in a private school.

  • Accompanied by Paciano, his brother

School of Maestro Justiniano Aquino Cruz

School that Rizal attended

  • A school that was in the house of the teacher

  • a small nipa hut


  • teacher's son

  • the one who bully Rizal

Andres Salandanan

Classmate of Rizal who challenged him to an arm wrestling match.


  • old painter

  • father in law of the school teacher

Jose Guevarra

  • classmate of Rizal who also loved painting

  • he and rizal are the apprentice of the old painter

December 18, 1870

Rizal left Binan


Mariano Gomez Jose Burgos Jacinto Zamora

February 17, 1872

GomBurZa was executed

Governor General Rafael de Izquierdo

The one who ordered the execution of GomBurZa

January 20, 1872

about 200 filipino soldiers and workmen of the cavite arsenal under leadership of Lamadrid, Filipino sergeant, rose in violent mutiny because of the abolition of their usual privileges, including exemption from tribute and polo (forced labor) by the Governor General Rafael de Izquierdo

Before June 1872

  • Dona Teodora and his brother Jose Alberto was suddenly arrested on a malicious charge of poisoning the wife of Jose Alberto. (filed by the wife)

Spanish Lieutenant of the Guardia Civil

Arrested Dona Teodora to avenge himself because at one time, Don Francisco (Rizal's Father) refused to give him a fodder for his horse.

  • made Dona Teodora walk from Calamba to Santa Cruz (capital of Laguna Province) a distance of 50km.

Antonio Vivencio del Rosario

  • Calamba's gobernadorcillo

  • helped the spanish lieutenant to arrest dona teodora

  • a menial of the frias

Lawyers that defended Dona Teodora

  • Francisco de Marcaida

  • Manuel Marzan

  • most famous lawyers of Manila

Years that Dona Teodora languished in the provincial prison of Santa Cruz

2 and a half years