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What are the 5 goals of CSM

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What are the 5 goals of CSM

Make it easy for customers to engage reduce case volume with self service Monitor for issues and create cases automatic assign tasks accross the enterprise Prevent future calls by fixing issues

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What 2 components comprise CSM

Customer and partner engagement -drive action with self service -provide proactive service Service Management Workflows -Resolve issues end to end

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What does a customer use servicenow for?

Submit cases search knowledge use cummunity portal

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What does the CSM department use serviceNow for?

to work cases provide assistance answer enquiries provide information provide updates

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What does leadership use CSM for?

Monitor progress make strategic decsions for improvements on products and services

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What is included in CSM standard?

CSM Field Service management Service management asset management cost management knowledge management targeted communications communities

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What is Included in CSM Pro?

Everything in standard and: Predictive intelligence Virtual Agent Performance Analytics Proactive Customer Service Operations Continual improvement Customer Project management

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How does CSM differ from ITSM?

CSM Focuses on external customers objective is to increase sales increase customer satisfaction and retention

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What is the unique identifier for the CSM scoped application?


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What is the account table?

customer_account extends core_company

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How many accounts can a contact record be associated to?

1 an account may have many contacts

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Waht table are contacts stored in?

customer_contact thes are people who are members of external companies

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What table are consumers stored in?

csm_consumer when they self register they are stored in csm_consumer_user

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What role is needed for creating account relationships?

system administrator customer service manager

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What are the two types of account relationships?

partner to account account to account

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What is the difference between a product and an asset?

A product is a good of offering an asset is a specific instance of a product

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What the 3 components of a service aware install base?

Sold Products Installed Products Instll Base Items

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What can sold products be associated to?


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5 Personas in CSM

Servicenow Admin Customer Service Executive Customer Service Manager Customer Service Agent Customer

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What is an entitlement?

A definition of support the customer receives and the supported channgels for a customer

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What two units are used to measure entitlements?

Cases and hours

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Can counters be used on generic entitlements? (product entitlement without a company)


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What are 3 things entitlements can be made for?

Products Assets Contracts (cascades to the assets covered)

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Consumer vs Customer?

Consumer is B2C Customer is a B2B relation

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How does a Customer service manager use service-now?

manage teams of agents to oversee operations including service delivery, personnel management, and escalations

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How does a a Customer Service Executive use Servicenow?

High level reports as they are responsible for the customer service of their organization

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What role do you give customers and partners?

snc_external so they can see service/customer /consumer portals

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Role for Customer Agent


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Role for Consumer agent


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Which role do you give a sales agent or someone not directly involved in CSm internal to your company?

The Proxy Contact Role sn_customerService.proxycontact

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External Roles

sn_customerSevice.customer (customer) sn_customerSevice.customer_admin (C admin) sn_customerSevice.customer_case_manager sn_customerSevice.partner (partner) sn_customerSevice.partner_admin (partner admin) sn_customerSevice.consumer (consumer)

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What is included in the guided setup?

Ordered task checklist Percentage of activities completed Task Controls Plugin management Linked setups to ITSM FSM and community Knowlege guided setup

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What are the 5 channels for CSM?

Web/Portal Chat Phone/Mobile Email Social (typically B2C)

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Who can create cases from questions on portals?

Service Agents customer service managers users with the sn_customerservice.proxy_case_creator (community admins and moderators)

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Is it best practice to delete a chat gorup?

no you should just deactivate it

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What must be done for an agent to start receiving chat messages?

They must be added to a chat support assignment group

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What are some chat quick actions?

/tq transfer to another queue /ta transfer the conversation to another agent /r uses response templates

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What does servicenow use to integrate with a Voice over IP telephony service?

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

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What flows are available by default for the email channel?

Create case from email Update case from email

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Which forms are integrated into the social channel?

Case Account Contact Consumer

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What is the flow of states in a case?

new open awaiting info resolved closed

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What are 3 types of cases?

Product Order Customer / custom

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What are some features service now offers to better support agents in case resolution?

Time zone / contact Local time Follow the Sun Lookup and Verify Contextual Search and solution tracking

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What are case action summaries used for?

Provide updates to customers and internal stakeholders while a case is being worked

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What happens to an action summary when the case is closed?

the summary is closed too

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What are Post Case Reviews used for?

Capture details regarding summary of issue affected assets, root cause, resolution and any preventetive measures

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How many days until the auto close resolved cases flow closes resolved cases?

5 days reminding them they are pending solution acceptance 10 days it closes and sends a notification that it's been closed

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May an agent Manually close a case?

Yes, they must fill in Resolution Code and Resolution Notes

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What is copied from a case to a knowledge article?

short description cause close notes -> resolution

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What are two ways to create special handling notes?

From the form link button or from the special handling notes module

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What role is required for converstation monitoring?


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What is parent child synchronization?

allows you to control child case behavior through just the parent record, admins can control which fields cascade. It only goes one level deep child cases whichare resolved closed or cancelled do not get synced

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which 2 ways are cases assigned?

Manually Automatically

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What does assignment workbench sort based off of?

Matching skills availablitity today Assigned cases

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Benefits of Advanced Work Assignment

Removes manual task of routing work and prevents cherry picking tasks Real time channels are time sensitive, awa increases efficiency Enables better management for presence, priority, and capacity improve team performance

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Who manages case escalations?

Customer Service Agents

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Who manages account escalations?

Account escalation manager

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How do you use the Time recording feature?

Enable the plugin give managers the timecard_admin role to approve time sheets give agents the timecard_user role to fill in time cards and time sheets

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What are 3 ways to create a recipient list?

by importing account, consumer, or internal user information by importing contact information by using a script

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What cases can't be Major Case Candidates?

Cases that are resolved/closed/cancelled Cases with a parent

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What happens when you make a major case the child of a normal case?

The major case becomes a normal case

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What do you use to extend on the functionality of major Case?

Extention points

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What are 3 components of Proactive Customer Service Operations

Service Monitoring (detect issues) Service-aware install base (identify impacts) Proactive Case (Notify Customers)

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What are 3 types of outages?

unplanned outage planned outage degredation

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What are the benefits of Proactive Customer Service Operations

Faster Resolution time Lower Call Volume Improved customer experience

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Key Capabalities of the PPM Integration

Data Model changes allow you to create project accounts create cases against projects UI and business logic Portal Changes to view status and project assignments

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What Modules Does service now provide OOTB Integration with?


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What Portals does CSM Utilize

Customer support /csm Consumer Service /csp Community /community Knowledge management / kb

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Which Portals suppoert the unified theme?

Customer Support Customer Service Knowledge Community

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What Catalogs are included baseline?

Consumer Customer Techincal Service Field Service

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Which users can create a case from a question?

Customer Service Agents Consumer Service Agents Customer Service Managers people with the proxy_case_creator role

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Why is data analysis important in CSM?

Anticipate trends Prioritize Resources Deliver Automation and self service drive continual improvement align customer service

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What is the purpose of Performance management?

Ensure goals are being met effectively and efficiently focus on performance of company as a whoel with drill downs into the organizational structure

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What are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Periodic measurements to evaluate success of an activity success is defined in terms of making progress toward a goal

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What must be done to enable Performance analytics

Install plugin collect historical data activate daily data collection Review Job Logs View reports

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When sending surveys what are options for trigger types

repeat interval conditions randomly trigger probability

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Which o content may be importing external content into knowledge bases?

all external content which is WebDAV-Compliant

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What is a response Template

Reuasable messages that can be copied to a case or task form

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What does agent affinity Include

Historical, Related Tasks, account team responsibility

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What can be done offline on the FSM mobile app?

Execute assigned tasks Close completed work orders Manage assets

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If a compnay wants to support twitter where should they store the customers twitter profile details?

Social profile

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How do you change the field on the form for a case created trough the community?

Update the record producer

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What are the features of CSM?

Service Entitlements Real-time SLAs ServiceContracts Skill Based Routing

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What are 3 self service functions of the customer support portal?

Community Knowledge Base Service Catalog

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Which 2 default channels can are there on the Customer Support Portal?

Web Email

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What do partner admins have access to?

Partner accounts Customer Accounts

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What are 2 External Roles?

Customer Admin Partner Admin

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When a consumer self registers a record is inserted in which two tables?

Consumers and consumer users

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What can a customer view from the CSM portal?

assets orders publications

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Wht is Agent Assist?

A search engine that helps agents find the information they need to resolve issues. It is in the Contextual side panel by default and when you click the graduation cap icon (🎓).

When an agent opens a record, Agent Assist automatically does a search based on a field in the open record. The field value used for the search term is configurable by the system administrator but it's typically the value for the record's short description field.

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Agent Assist is pre-configured to search the following tables for solutions:

incident problem change knowledge case tables The system administrator can configure Agent Assist to search additional information sources, such as the service catalog.

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What is Advanced Work Assignment (AWA)?

Automatically routes and assigns work items in Agent Workspace to agents based on availability, capacity, and skills. This feature is covered in more detail later in the course.

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What is a list panel?

The list panel includes a section for Major Issue Management and a filtered list of accepted major cases.

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Why is Highlight List Fields and Form Fields important?

Call an agent's attention to important fields with highlighted fields in lists of records. For example: Set the background to red for Priority values that are critical. This functionality replaces Field Styling. Use field indicators and field highlights that appear on the Short description field for escalated cases and on the Name field for escalated accounts. In addition to defining the field indicator and field highlight of an escalated case or account, the severity can be used when configuring SLAs. View the Task SLAs and Approvers related lists on the Escalation form. NOTE: You can move indicators and highlights to any field that is not a hyperlinked field.

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What is a Workspace?

A workspace is a suite of tools that provides agents, case managers, help desk professionals, and managers with tools to help answer customer questions and resolve customer problems

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Both CSM workspaces provide an excellent solution when compared to the traditional platform UI by providing the following benefits:

Improve agent productivity with a multi-tab user interface Access to contextual data in a single view Reduce case handling time Improve customer experience

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What are the two CSM workspaces?

Agent Workspace (com.agent_workspace) CSM Configurable Workspace (com.snc.uib.csm_agent_workspace)

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What are the benefits of CSM Configurable Workspace

Compared to Agent Workspace, the CSM Configurable Workspace runs on the Now Platform's latest technologies, enabling customers to easily configure workspaces with UI Builder. UI Builder allows you to drag and drop elements and configure record page layouts and components that the customer requires. It also means some of the latest features or applications, such as Dynamic Related Records (covered later in this module), are only supported for CSM Configurable Workspace. A system administrator may apply customizations, be it configuration or custom development, in the regular platform user interface or any of the available CSM workspaces.

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What is a Case form?

View the account hierarchy on the case form. Expand and collapse the hierarchy and click an account to view the account details in a sub tab. For cases that are created from a community discussion, customer service agents can view and respond to the discussion from the case form.

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Access to the CSM Workspaces is provided by default for some of the out-of-the-box CSM roles

Customer Service Agent (sn_customerservice_agent) Consumer Service Agent (sn_customerservice.consumer_agent) Both these roles contain the Service Management Agent (sn_esm_agent) role, which in turn contains the following: CSM Workspace User (sn_customerservice.csm_workspace_user) Agent Workspace User (agent_workspace_user) Each of which grants access to the two CSM workspaces.

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