World History Unit 7 Test

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60 million, 3, Soviet Union

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60 million, 3, Soviet Union

The long-term consequences of WWII included death tolls of over *,(*% of the world’s population) with ___ having the most causalities

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infrastructure, physical environment, Great Britain, France, Germany, Soviet Union, crop production

___ and the ___ were destroyed in WWII, especially in ___, ___, ___, and the ___, leading to a decrease in ___

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United States, Soviet Union, decolonization, India, civil war

After WWII, the ___ and ___ were found on top because Britain felt the effects of ___ which included losing ___ and China began the ___ again

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non-aggression pact, France, communism, capitalism

After WWII, the US was still upset over Stalin’s ___ and Stalin blamed the allies for not invading ___ before 1944, and the opposing ideologies of ___ and ___ increased tensions

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Yalta Conference, February 1945, USA, Great Britain, Soviet Union, occupation zones, Japan, free elections

A post WWII plan was discussed at the ___ in ___ where the Big 3, ___, ___, and ___ divided Germany into ___, FDR urged Stalin to declare war on ___, and Stalin promised countries in Eastern Europe would have ___

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Charter of the United Nations, international peace, General Assembly, Security Council, US, Britain, China, Russia, France, Geneva Conventions, prisoners of war

In 1945, 51 countries signed on to the , which had the main goal of maintaining ___ and consisted of the ___ and the ___ (, ___, ___, ___, and ___) with the ___ determining how ___ should be treated during wartime

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capitalist, communist

The USA was a ___ country while the Soviet Union was ___

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invasion, west, Yalta, communist

The major goal of the Soviet Union after WWII was to shield from ___ from the ___ and so Stalin ignored the ___ agreement and installed ___ governments in countries along its border

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Potsdam, free elections, refused, communism, capitalism

Truman, Stalin, and Churchill met in ___, Germany, where Truman pressed Stalin to permit ___ but Stalin ___ and declared ___ and ___ could not exist in the same world

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eastern, German Democratic Republic

The ___ part of Germany was controlled by the Soviets, and was named ___

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iron curtain

Churchill nicknamed the Soviet take over of neighboring countries as establishing an ___

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containment, Soviet, communism, alliances, countries, Soviet

President Truman adopted a foreign policy called ___, which was directed at blocking ___ influence and stopping the expansion of ___, and included forming ___ and helping weak ___ resist ___ advances

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Truman Doctrine, communism

The ___ supported countries that rejected ___

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George Marshall, Marshall Plan, rebuild, Czechoslovakia

US Secretary of State ___ proposed the US aid to needy European countries, which formed the ___ to ___ western Europe, and after communists seized ___, Congress immediately approved the plan

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divided, US, Britain, France, withdrew, nation, West Berlin

The Soviets wanted to keep Germany ___ but ___, ___, and ___ ___ from the country to allow a ___ to form, and in response the Soviets held ___ hostage

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West Berlin, Soviets, 11, Soviets

USA and Britain flew food and supplies to ___ while it was being held hostage by the ___ for ___ months until the ___ admitted defeat

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Point Four program, agriculture, public health, education

The ___ provided technical assistance to build up ___, ___, and ___ in non-European nations affected by the war

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political, 1949, alliances

The Cold War was a struggle over ___ differences and began in ___, influencing world ___

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Berlin blockade, United States, Canada, NATO

The ___ caused 10 western European nations to form a military alliance with the ___ and ___, called ___

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Warsaw Pact, India, China

After the formation of NATO, the Soviet Union created its own alliance, the ___, but some countries like ___ and ___ did not choose to align with either side

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Organization of American States (OAS)

The ___ wanted peace and security for member nations and wanted to increase economic and social cooperation

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H-bombs, A-bombs, fusion, splitting, Edward Teller, Los Alamos New Mexico, coral islands, Pacific

___ were more powerful than ___ because the power came from the ___ of atoms rather than the ___, and ___ was the leading proponent in these bombs, with his team based in ___ and exploded the first bomb on a group of ___ in the ___

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Dwight D. Eisenhower, John Foster Dulles, anti-communist, brinkmanship, air force, nuclear weapons, arms race

___ became US president in 1953 and appointed ___ as secretary of state who was very ___ and was known for his ___ that led the US to strengthen the ___ and stockpile ___ which started the ___

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intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), Sputnik, unmanned, Wehrner von Braun

In August 1957 the Soviets announced the ___ which was used to push ___, the first ___ satellite, and led to ___ driving the US opponent

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fly, nuclear attack, refused, CIA, U-2s, Francis Gary Powers

Eisenhower proposed the US and SU be able to ___ over territories to guard against surprise ___, but the SU ___, so the US ___ started secret high-altitude flights in ___, but in May 1960 pilot ___ was captured after his plane was shot down by the SU

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Third World, Latin America, Asia, Africa

The ___ consists of developing nations not aligned with either superpower and were located in ___, ___, and ___

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United States, Soviet Union, China, Third World, wars, CIA, KGB, assassinations, military

The ___, ___, and ___ tried to gain influence in the ___ by backing ___, having the / spy or attempt ___, and providing ___ aid

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Indonesia, Bandung Conference, third force, nonaligned nations

___ hosted leaders from Asia and Africa at the ___ to form the “___” of ___

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Latin American, democracy, military, revolutionary movements, military, economic, anti-Communist

___ countries often alternated between ___ and harsh ___ rule, and the Soviets supported ___ while the US provided ___ and ___ assistance to ___ dictators

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unpopular, Fulgencio Batista, US, Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, Castro, social, economy, dictator

In the 1950s, Cuba was ruled by ___ dictator ___, who had ___ support but the ___ led by lawyer ___ overthrew him and though ___ brought ___ reforms and improved the ___, he was a harsh ___

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nationalized, sugar mills, refineries, Eisenhower, embargo, Soviets

After FIdel Castro ___ US-owned ___ and ___, President ___ ordered an ___ on trade with Cuba so Castro turned to the ___ for economic and military aid

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CIA, Cuban, Bay of Pigs, air support, defeated

In 1960 the ___ began training anti-Castro ___ exiles and they invaded in April 1961 at the ___ but the US did not provide ___ so Castro easily ___ the invaders

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Nikita Khrushchev, missile sites, Cuba, spy plane, Kennedy, threat, removal, naval blockade, Cuba, Khrushchev, invade, Cuba

Soviet leader ___ secretly began building 42 ___ in ___ but an American ___ discovered them and President ___ declared them a ___, demanding ___ and annoucing a ___ on ___, but ___ agreed in return for the US promise to not ___ ___

New cards

Soviet, Latin America, Africa

Fidel Castro completely depended on ___ support and backed Communist revolutions in ___ and ___

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Nicaraguan, Anastasio Somoza, Sandinista, Daniel Ortega, US, SU, Marxist, El Salvador, Contras, El Salvador

The US funded the ___ dictatorship of ___ and family since 1933, but Communist ___ rebels toppled the dictatorship and leader ___ was originally funded by both the ___ and ___ but once the rebels gave assistance to ___ rebels in ___, the US supported anti-Communist forces called ___ to help the ___ government

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civil war, Ortega, free elections, Violeta Chamorro, 2006

After a ___ in Nicaragua for more than a decade, President ___ agreed to hold ___ and ___ beat him but he returned to power in ___

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Jacobo Arbenz, land reform, communist, Eisenhower, Allen Dulles, Arbenz, propoganda, rebellion, Carlos Castillos Armas, coup

The people of Guatemala elected president ___ who began a ___ program and nationalized ___, which made the US government concerned the government might turn ___, so ___ and CIA director ___ devised a strategy to overthrow ___ which involved ___ and ___, and ___, the US chosen leader of the military ___, assumed control

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Japanese, 38th parallel, Soviet Union, United States

After WWII, on the Korean penninsula, ___ troops surrendered north of the ___ to the ___ and south to the ___

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June 25, Soviet Union, South Korea, Truman, communism

On ___ 1950, North Korea launched a ___-backed surprise attack against ___, but ___ resolved to help fight against ___

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United Nations, Soviet Union, Nationalist China, Taiwan, Communist China, Douglas MacArthur

After the North Korean invasion, South Korea asked the ___ to intervene, and because the ___ was absent because of a protest against the admission of ___ (___) instead of ___, 15 nations participated in the fight under General ___

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North Korea, Pusan, UN, North Korean, Inchon, surrendered, retreated

By September 1950, ___ controlled the entire Korean penninsula except for an area around ___, and the ___ forces met ___ forces landing in ___, so half ___ and the other half ___

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Yalu River, Chinese, Chinese

The UN forces on the Korean Peninsula pushed the North Koreans almost to ___ at the ___ border, but the ___ felt threatened and sent 300,000 troops to North Korea

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Chinese, Seoul, MacArthur, nuclear attack, China, Truman, MacArthur, Congress, press, Truman, command

The ___ forces sent to North Korea pushed troops out and captured the capital of South Korea, ___, so General ___ called for a ___ against ___ but ___ viewed the decision as reckless. Nevertheless, ___ tried to take his case to ___ and the ___, but ___ removed him from ___

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UN, North Korea, ceasefire, 38th parallel, 4 million

In 1953, the ___ forces and ___ signed a ___ agreement and set the border near the ___, but ___ lives were lost to the war

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Kim II Sung, Kim Jong II, nuclear

North Korean Communist dictator ___ established collective farms, heavy industry, and military and his son ___ developed ___ weapons but had severe economic problems

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dictators, democratic constitution, free elections

In South Korea, a series of ___ ruled until the 1987 adoption of a ___ which led to the establishment of ___

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containment, communism, foreign policy

The involvement of the US in Vietnam stemmed from the Cold War ___ policy, with stopping ___ as the principle goal of US ___

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France, Southeast Asia, French Indochina, Ho Chi Minh, communists, independence, Indochinese Communist Party, French

In the early 1900s, ___ controlled most of resource-rich ___ (___) and Vietnamese nationalist ___ turned to ___ to help him with his ___ movement so during the 1930s the ___ led revolts and strikes against the ___

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protesters, Ho, exile, Japan, Vietminh (Independence) League

After the Vietnamese revolted, the French jailed ___ and sentenced ___ to death who fled in ___ but returned a year later when ___ seized control in WWII, and founded the ___

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nationalists, communists, French, cities, Vietminh, countryside, hit-and-run, Dien Bien Phu, surrendered

Vietnamese ___ and ___ joined to fight against the ___, who held major ___, but ___ had support in the ___ and used ___ tactics to confine the French, and after the French suffered a defeat at ___, they ___

New cards

domino theory, communism

After France surrendered to Vietnam, Eisenhower described the fallout in Asia as a possible ___, because the fall of one to ___ would lead to the fall of others

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International Peace Conference, Geneva Switzerland, Indochina, Vietnam, Ho, Ngo Dinh Diem, United States, France

At an ___ in ___, the future of ___ was discussed and ___ was divided at 17 degrees north latitude, where the north was led by ___ and the south by ___ backed by ___ and ___

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Ngo Dinh Diem, dictator, guerrillas, Vietcong, assassinated, unpopular

___ ruled South Vietnam as a ___, and communist ___ called ___ gained strength and had him ___ in 1963, but new leaders were still ___

New cards

Proxy War

a conflict where a major power plays a major role in supporting and directing a party to a conflict but does only a small portion of the actual fighting itself

New cards

socioeconomic, imperialism, traditionalist, modern Western, oil

The existing issue in the middle east was the ___ imbalance caused by ___ and was normally ___ vs ___ and fueled by the ___ industry

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Shah Reza Pahlavi, western, oil, nationalists, alliances, Muhammed Mossadeq, British, oil, Shah, Coup d’etat, USA CIA, British MI6, Shah

After WWII, ___ took control of Iran, embracing ___ governments and wealthy ___ companies but Iranian ___ resented the foreign ___ so Prime Minister ___ nationalized a ___-owned ___ company and forced the ___ to flee, leading to the 1953 ___ which was organized by the ___ and the ___ and restored the ___ to power

New cards

westernized, literacy, women, superficial westernization, religious oppression, poverty, ayatollahs, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Shah

In Iran, the Shah ___ the country, increasing ___ rates and giving ___ rights but it was ___ and led to ___, and millions still lived in ___, but the shah tried to limit the influence of the ___ which failed when ___ led riots in 1978 and forced the ___ to flee in 1979

New cards


islamic leaders who opposed western influence

New cards

Islam, US, US Embassy, hostages, Islamic Movement

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s domestic policy was a strict adherence to ___ and foreign policy was a hatred of the ___ and so in 1979 the ___ is seized and held 60 ___, which inspired the ___

New cards

secular, Saddam Hussein, both sides, oil, Iraq, ceasefire

During the Iran-Iraq war, Iraq was ___ and led by ___, and the US provided support to ___ because they wanted ___ access either way, but the Soviet Union supported ___ and the UN negotiated a ___ in 1988

New cards

Philippines, economy, naval, air bases, bases, Filipinos

In 1946, the US gave the ___ independence and promised to help rebuild the ___ in return for allowing the US to have ___ and ___ on the island, but in 1992 the US left the ___ because many ___ wanted them closed

New cards

Ferdinand Marcos, president, dictator, millions, Corazón Aquino

From 1966 to 1986, ___ led the Philippines, and was elected as ___ but ruled as a ___, and after stealing ___ of dollars from the country and losing the election to ___, he refused to leave office but was forced down

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Muslims known as ___ have been trying to separate from the Filipino government for decades

New cards

Malay Peninsula, ethnic conflict, Malays, Chinese, Malaya, Singapore, city-state

After WWII, the British moved back into the ___ and tried to form a country but ___ between ___ and ___ stopped them and in 1957 independence was given to ___ and ___, which later declared independence as a ___

New cards

Sukarno, Japan, Suharto, daughter, democratic

___ led an independence movement in Indonesia while ___ held the country and after gaining independence, a general named ___ took control and was criticized but his ___ took over and made ___ reforms

New cards

Palestine, Palestinians, Jews, Jewish, Israel

The United Nations divided ___ into two parts for the ___ and the ___, which led to the declaration of the existence of the ___ stated of ___

New cards

Islamic, Israel, Israel, Arab-Israeli war, United States

On May 15, 1948 six ___ nations invaded ___ and ___ won the first ___ with strong support from the ___

New cards

Egypt, British, Suez Canal, Israeli, French, British, Egypt

When the new leader of ___ attacked the ___-controlled ___, the ___ army and ___ forces helped the ___ retake control but the peace settlement gave it away to ___

New cards

Six-Day War, Egypt, Israel, Israel, Egypt

The ___ broke out in 1967 when ___ and other nations threatened ___ but ___ defeated ___ as well as Iran, Jordan, and Syria

New cards

Palestinian Liberation Organization, PLO, Yasir Arafat, Arab Palestinian, Israeli

The ___ (___), led by ___, became the leading group in a struggle for an ___ state on ___ land

New cards

Camp David Accords, Menachem Begin, Arabs, assassinated

In 1977, Egyptian leader Sadat singed a peace agreement, the ___, with Israeli Prime Minister ___, which angered many ___ and Sadat was ___

New cards

PLO, Lebanon, Palestinians, intifada

In 1982, Israel responded to ___ attacks by invading ___, and many ___ in Israel began a revolt called the ___

New cards

Oslo Peace Accords, Yitzhak Rabin, Jewish extremist, peace deal

In the early 1990s, Israel agree to give Palestinians the Gaza Strip and town of Jericho, which was known as the ___, but the Israeli leader, ___, was killed by a ___ who opposed giving in to Palestinians, and since then no ___ has been reached

New cards

Afghanistan, Muslim

___ is one of the least developed countries in the world, with most of the population being ___

New cards

Russia, Britain, independent, monarchy, democratic government, reform program, democratic system

During the 1800s, ___ and ___ competed for Afghanistan but Afghanistan declared itself ___ and established a ___ and a constitution wanted to establish a ___ but officials could not agree on a ___ so the ___ failed to develop

New cards

neutral, both superpowers, Soviet, rival group, communism, Islam

Afghanistan chose to remain ___ during the cold war but received aid from ___, but in 1973 ___ leaders seized the country and 5 years later a ___ took power, but the population didn’t like the association to ___, which they felt conflicted with teachings of ___

New cards

mujahideen, United States, Soviet Union

After the communist takeover, groups known as ___ banded together in Afghanistan and were assisted by the ___, so 10 years later the ___ withdrew troops

New cards

Taliban, Northern Alliance, Taliban, positive, order

After the Soviet Union left Afghanistan, the ___ emerged from the battle for control, and only the ___ held territory that wasn’t controlled by this group, and the ___ were originally viewed as a ___ force as they brought ___ to the war torn nation

New cards

terrorist groups, Osama bin Laden, US, refused, power

The Taliban were accused of housing ___ and providing refuge for leaders like ___, so when the demand for him to be turned over to the ___ was ___, military action began and the Taliban were driven from ___

New cards

Hamid Karzai, NATO, Abdullah Abdullah, Ashraf Ghani, compromise

After the Taliban were driven from power, Afghan officials selected ___ to lead the country, and when the Taliban reemerged, ___ troops overtook military operations but troops were withdrawn in 2014 and both ___ and ___ declared victory, but they worked out a ___

New cards

Indian National Congress, Congress Party, Muslim League, independence, Britain

Two nationalist groups emerged in India, the ___ (___) and the ___, both of which worked to gain ___ from ___

New cards

Partion of Bengal, Hindus, Muslims, independence, British

The 1905 ___ in India led to the division of ___ and ___, which made the call for ___ harder, but in 1911 the ___ took back the order

New cards

self-government, nationalists, violence, Rowlatt Acts, jail, trial, western-educated, individual rights

After WWI when Britain didn’t fulfill their promises of ___ to India, radical ___ carried out ___ in response and Britain passed the ___ which allowed the government to ___ protesters without ___ for up to two years, but ___ Indians knew this violated ___

New cards

Amritsar, public meetings, firing, Amritsar Massacre, nationalists, independence

At a festival to protest the Rowlatt Acts, a British commander at ___ thought people were openly defying the ban on ___ and started ___ into the crowd for 10 minutes, and the news of this ___ changed loyal British subjects to ___ who demanded ___

New cards

Mohandas K. Gandhi, religious, Mahatma

___ emerged as a leader of the Indian independence movement and took a deeply ___ approach, leading him to be called “___”

New cards

Indian National Congress, noncooperation, civil disobedience, nonviolence

Gandhi urged the ___ to follow the policy of ___ and in 1920 the party endorsed ___ and ___ to achieve independence

New cards

cloth, Salt March, Salt Acts

Gandhi was successful in boycotting British ___ and led the ___ to defy the ___

New cards

Government of India, self government, democratic elections, independence, Hindus, Muslims

In 1935 the British Parliament passed the ___ act which gave India local ___ and limited ___ but not total ___, and fueled tensions between ___ and ___

New cards

Congress Party, Hindus, Muslim League, Muslim, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Muslims, Congress Party

The ___ contained mostly ___, while the ___ was founded in competition to protect ___ interests, and the leader ___ insisted ___ resign from the ___

New cards

war debts, India, Muslims, Hindu, partition, British House of Commons, Pakistan, India

British ___ from WWII made them rethink the colony of ___, but ___ resisted attempts to be included in a ___ dominated government so a ___ was proposed and the ___ passed an act that granted ___ and ___ independence in a month

New cards

Kashmir, Hindu, Muslim, India, Pakistan, UN, ceasefire

The ruler of ___ was ___, but it had a mostly ___ population so ___ and ___ battled for the region until the ___ arranged a ___ in 1949

New cards

Lord Mountbatten, Jinnah (Muslim), Nehru (Hindu), Gandhi

The last viceroy was ___ who met with ___, ___, and ___ over the partition of India

New cards

India, Jawaharlal Nehru, prime minister, Gandhi, neutral, daughter, Indira Gandhi

___ became the world’s largest democracy on August 15, 1947, and ___ became the first ___, and as one of ___’s most devoted followers founded an alliance of ___ countries in the cold war, and when he died in 1964, his ___ ___ was elected as prime minister,

New cards

Golden Temple, Amritsar, Sikhs, authority, Golden Temple, Sikh, kill

During Indira Gandhi’s time as prime minister, the ___ at ___ was the religious center for the ___, who would attack symbols of ___, so the Indian army overran the ___ which caused the ___ bodyguards of Gandhi to ___ her

New cards

Bharatiya Janata Party, Narenda Modi, pro-Hindu

After the Congress Party led India from 2004-2014, the ___ candidate ___ was voted into office as a ___

New cards

East Pakistan, West Pakistan, West Pakistan, East Pakistan, East Pakistan, West Pakistan, West Pakistan

___ had a larger population than ___ but ___ had the central government and often ignored ___, so when in 1970 a cyclone and tidal wave hit ___ and ___ did not give immediate aid, protesters called for an end to all ties with ___

New cards

East Pakistan, Bangladesh, civil war, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan

On March 26 1971 ___ declared independence and renamed itself ___, and a ___ followed but when ___ sided with ___, ___ surrendered

New cards

Ali Bhutto, military coup, executed, daughter, Benazir Bhutto, assassinated

After the first governor-general of Pakistan died shortly after independence, ___ took control but a ___ removed and ___ him and his ___ ___ was twice elected prime minister but was exiled and when she returned she was ___

New cards

al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, Pakistan, denied

In 2011 US forces located ___ leader ___ in ___ but officials ___ it until a military operation killed him

New cards

one-party state, assassinated, democratic

The first prime minister of Bangladesh declared it a ___, but was later ___ by military leaders, and after that the government tried to be more ___

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