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What line comes after “And up until a few weeks ago, this now eleven-year old boy had only the regular problems of a child in 1991.”

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What line comes after “And up until a few weeks ago, this now eleven-year old boy had only the regular problems of a child in 1991.”

“Aw, man!”

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What line comes after you say “Aw, man!”

“Um… Uncle Dave? A bird flew into our living room and dropped a piece of paper that says I’m a wizard and I need to go to school in England?!”

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What line comes after “…What kinda bird?”

“An owl, I think?”

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What line comes after “Um, Granger, Her… Her-mee-oh-nay?”

“Question. Hypothetical. What if I don’t have enough of a personality for the magic talking hat to sort me? Like, how much authority does this hat really have? Never mind. This place is crazy, huh? I never though I’d go to school in a castle. Pretty cool. I’ve never really liked school. People were mean. To me. I’m talking too much. You probably all have your own nervous thoughts going on. Can I tell you something? I think I might be… special? I watch a lot of movies and read a lot of books, and it’s like… a normal boy finds out he actually has amazing abilities and is swept away to a new, magical world. Does that sound familiar? Because that is now my ACTUAL LIFE! And that kid, through some incredible circumstances, always becomes like THE most important person. Like, in the whole world. A sort of… chosen one. AHH! Magic is real, and this orphaned boy wizard is rwady for seven years of amazing adventures!”

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What line comes after “Oh, look. It’s another ome. Um… uh, student?”

“Wayne Hopkins.”

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What line comes after “I’m Susie Bones. Once upon a time, my entire family was murdered. Except my aunt.”

“HI!” “I’m Wayne. I’ve read the Silmarillion, twice!”

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What line comes after “…This year, we’re going to win. Or we’re going to get second. Or we’re going to get third. Third or nothing!”

“Third or nothing. Third or nothing! THIRD OR NOTHING!”

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What line comes after “Whoever wins the most points? They’d be a real hero.”


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What line comes after “So, it’s official. The next seven years are gonna suck. Can you believe this group of dingbats?”

“I think everyone seems nice.”

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What line comes after “Um. Everyone knows my mom worked for… you know who.”


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What line comes after “The dark lord.”


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What line comes after “Whatever. The guy was a super evil wizard.”

“There are EVIL WIZARDS?”

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What line comes after “Ugh. I’m going to go hang out with the snakes. Where I belong.”

“You can’t leave, you might lose points!”

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What line comes after “Watch me.”

“So. You’re new to all of this too?”

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What line comes after “Yep. All of it.”

“You’re not British!”

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What line comes after “My family just moved to England back in May, so they’d be closer to me when I started at the mathematical institute at Oxford this semester.”

“But you’re eleven.”

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What line comes after “Oh, I know. I’ve sort of been called a math savant. But that’s not important now. Now, I’m just a wizard… a beginner level wizard. You don’t think ending up here means we’re already bad at wizard-ing, right? I’m not used to being bad at school.”

“We just have to focus on earning those points and the rest will take care of itself. I mean, it’s just magic. How hard can it possibly be?”

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What line comes after “Is there a math class? Please tell me next is math class.”

“We have something called… herbology?”

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What line comes after “YAY! PLANTS!”

“Okay. I will admit, with the exception of herbology, which is awesome, this isnt easy.”

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What line comes after “Maybe we should just go sit in our room and hide for seven years so we don’t lose any more points?”

“Come on. It’s just the first day. And next we have our first flying lesson. We’re right after the Braves who… are going… now?”

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What line comes after “HA! You’ve just been Malfoy-ed!”

“Ugh! Wizard school is just like regular school!”

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What line comes after “I can’t lose any more points, Wayne. Everyone hates us enough already.”

“Look, it’s halloween! Let’s just sit back, relax, and hope nothing bad happens!”

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What line comes after “Everyone, everyone! Calm down! We’re safe in our basement. This will be the only time our lives will ever be in danger here. Ever. Now, I’m off to bed.”

“Oliver! Wait. Megan’s not here!”

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What line comes after “Oh no, does she need to be saved or something?”

“No, what if she’s out there losing points?! We have to stop her!”

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What line comes after “I’m sorry, WE?”

“It’s up to all of us to protect those points. This is it, Oliver! The points are how we become heroes! Let’s go!”

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What line comes after “No, uh, we were just, uh, trying to find you!”

“To protect you from the troll! And to make sure you don’t lose any more points.”

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What line comes after “These two are going to get what they deserve. Hm, what do you think my mom would do in a situation like this? I think she’d torture you! Prepare to meet your doom!”

“Wait! Wait! What if instead of torturing us, we all just hung out? Like friends!”

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What line comes after “Yeah! Go for it!”

“Look, we’re all kind of the worst people at this school. Why not be the worst together? Megan shouldnt have to be alone just because her mom was evil. And hey, I think it’s cool that you hang out with Mr. Friar!”

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What line comes after “Hey, Mr. Friar! I like it!”

“Right, Oliver?”

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What line comes after “You promise this isn’t a joke?”

“I promise. Us Puffs have to stick together!”

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What line comes after “I’m not a Puff. The hat got it wrong. I’m the most not Puffiest person you’ll ever meet. Got it?”

“Got it.”

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What line comes after “Got it.”

“Now how about letting us go?”

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What line comes after “Sure.”

“Great! Glad we’ve settled that. We should probably get out of here. If we’re caught, we will lose so many points.”

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What line comes after “The plants love life lessons. Goodnight.”

“WE DID SOMETHING! Guys, I think this is the start of something really great. Woah! Weird mirror!”

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What line comes after “Yes, a weird mirror with the power to show the greatest desire of the onlookers heart. One must wonder what these three would see whilst looking on it. Hmm…”

“Wow, I’m being handed a medal. I saved all the wizards! I’m a hero! I’ve officially made the Puffs the best, coolest, most important house forever! And I have a lightsaber!”

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What line comes after “That’s weird. Are you sure?”

“I don’t want to cut this short, but we should probably get out of here.”

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What line comes after “Yeah. What do you think that mirror is?”

“Maybe it shows the future? That must be our future! We’re going to be so cool!”

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What line comes after “WE GET IT! Jesus merlin christ, some people.”

“Lumos. Lumos. Lumos!”

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What line comes after “It’s in the way you move your wrist. Like a little circle. Lumos! …Wayne, right?”

“Yes! Yeah! Yes! Yup! Yeah! Wayne. Um, hi, Cedric.”

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What line comes after “We’re moving up. I think we’re finally going to do it this year! THIRD PLACE!”

“Hey, Cedric! THIRD PLACE! AHHHH!! Cedric thinks I’m cool! I feel like I could do anything right now! LUMOS! …I guess I’ll go watch the sports game.”

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What line comes after “CAN I HEAR A THIRD PLACE?”


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What line comes after “Logic?”

“Pure nerve?”

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What line comes after “Pure nerve?”

“Standing up to friends?”

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What line comes after “Harry tried to kill me!”

“He’s going to kill everyone!”

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What line comes after “AHHH!! AHHH!! WE ARE NOT A THREAT!! …Please be our friend!”

“No question about it. Potter is the heir of snakes. Someone has to stop him.”

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What line comes after “We’ll get you finching around again in no time.”

“Shhh! It got J Finch, we have to be careful. Who knows what could be lurking around every corner!”

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What line comes after “This is a lot for 12 year olds to handle.”

“The adults arent helping, so obviously it must fall to ME to find this monster, defeat Potter, and go down in history as the hero of the school.”

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What line comes after “I don’t know if you’re qualified for any of that.”

“I’ll get an award. Megan, take Oliver to safety. It’s definetly coming for him next.”

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What line comes after “Wayne, if I get petrified, make sure I’m in a dignified position.”

“Okay. This must be it. The thing I’m supposed to do to make that magic future mirror reflection of my awesome future self my actual future. I just gotta kill a monster. I can find it inside myself. My inner robocop. My spiritual John McClane. Yeah. Hey monster, Puff on this! Pew, pew pew!”

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What line comes after “Oh. I’m… I’m sorry. My fault.”

“No! I was just… hi. I’m Wayne.”

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What line comes after “Ginny. My name is Ginny. It’s very nice meeting you, Wayne.”

“Hey, don’t forget your diary!”

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What line comes after “NOOO! WHAT WILL IT MAKE ME DO NEXT?!”

“Hey, if it’s so bad why don’t you just put it somewhere no one will ever find it? Like a toilet or something.”

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What line comes after “A toilet? …Maybe. Thanks, Wayne.”

“Wow. I am in love. As soon as I become the hero of the school, that girl will want to marry me. This is really my year!”

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What line comes after “The summer of ‘93! And our trio was determined to keep in touch the old fashioned way. By writing two copies of the same letter and sending them by owl across the world.”

“Dear Megan and Oliver. This new movie just came out. It’s called Free Willy. It’s about a young boy’s adventure to free a whale. It was AMAZING. I can’t stop thinking about how adventures come in all shapes and sizes. I know mine is coming. I just have to find my own whale. I have to free my own Willy. - Wayne. P.S. HOW DOES THIS OWL KNOW WHERE TO GO?!”

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What line comes after “I’m telling you guys, the headmaster looks different this year.”

“Oliver, I’m a little more worried about the murderer coming to our school. Megan, what if he’s not coming to rescue you, what if he’s coming to murder someone??”

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What line comes after “Guys! Guys! GUYS! Come to my slumber party! It’s in the great hall! On the floor! It’s going to be so much fun! But I warn you, I snore! Want to see?”


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What line comes after “Sorry! I was having a dream I was a unicorn, only I didn’t have a horn and I was eating hay.”

“Ooh, can’t, I think.”

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What line comes after “Hm, what’s this?”

“Hi, Sally.”

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What line comes after “You boys are having a slumber party? Ooh!”


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What line comes after “Hm. I don’t have a sleeping bag. Guess I’ll have to share! Haha!”


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What line comes after “Oh my, my, Sally Perks certainly ‘perked up’ if you know what I… uh…”

“I have to go.”

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What line comes after “In their third year, students are allowed to pick electives. Enthralling subjects such as…”

“Divination! The art of seeing the future!”

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What line comes after “I’d like to stay in this class, please!”

“Wait a second, how is Granger in all three of our classes at the same time?”


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What line comes after “Worst slumber party ever.”

“Megan? You alright?”

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What line comes after “Well, I for one am happy you were not kidnapped by a mass murderer. Or rescued.”

“And I’d like to think you’ve met two PUffs who are… kind of okay?”

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What line comes after “Ha. Maybe. I guess. Sorry to bring the mood down. Sorry to make things so… Sirius. She’s not coming here. Ever. I feel the need to hug. Don’t tell anyone.”

“I’m coming in.”

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What line comes after “Guys?! I don’t know how I got out here!”

“YEAH! HEY, to the Puffs! And to totally getting butterbuzzed!”

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What line comes after “Now… we’ve been having a good time so far, right? But I must warn you. Fate. It’s never kind to a hero. But who does fate hate even more? The side characters.”

“Dear Megan and Oliver. So, um, my Uncle Dave died. It was sudden and weird. Weird because I don’t think anybody really cared. No one really knew him. I barely even did. In the end he was just some dead, unimportant guy. I don’t want that to happen to me. I want to be a part of something big, something important at least once in my life. Weird. - Wayne”

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What line comes after “AHHHH!!! CEDRIC! CEDRIC! CEDRIC!”

“Oh my gosh, this is it! THE big thing I’ve been waiting for! This is our turn in the limelight! This year is all about the Puffs! And no one can take it from us!”

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What line comes after “Aww.”

“Never mind that, we have a job to do. We have to make sure the right winner wins. Potter’s had his turn. Cedric is our champion!”

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What line comes after “CEDRIC!”

“Great! Let’s go… make some badges?”

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What line comes after “Getting to compete against three great wizards and learn all about other wizard cultures? I think I already won.”

“Hey, uh, Cedric? I was wondering if you had a minute?”

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What line comes after “Hi, Wayne!”

“Uh, hi! So. I’ve been staying up all night. Not ALL night, but all night, and sort of reading up on past tournaments to figure out what sort of creatures they might throw at you for the first task.”

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What line comes after “I definetly won’t say no to help. Give me a few of them.”

“Okay! So, uh, in 1792 they had to catch cockatrices. What would you do?”

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What line comes after “Hm. I would… use magic. Aviafors!”

“Youre not wrong. How about an angry Vila?”

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What line comes after “Walk up to her, gently move a strand of hair behind her hair, take her hand and show her just why they call me Diggory. Then use magic. Cheerio!”


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What line comes after “Aviafors!”

“Oh. Awe…some? Ok, um, I should add that I don’t completely know a lot about fantastical beasts, or even where one might find them. So I threw in some crazy things that might not even exist. Like a Balrog! Or, ooh! Beholders. Not real? Darn. Or… Mr Snuffalupagus?”

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What line comes after “Hey, can I see that? Wow. This is really in depth. What ancient language is this? …Oh. I see. Modern english. Right. Do you mind if I hang on to this?”

“Please! Definetly! Thanks for letting me help you!”

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What line comes after “Thank me? Thank you! Aviafors! If I manage to win this thing, I’m telling everyone it was because of your help.”

“I… cool!”

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What line comes after “Thanks! Hey, you should all probably stop wearing those badges. Harry, wait up! I told them to stop wearing the badges!”

“Dragons are on page 256! They eat dogs if that helps!”

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What line comes after “Who is throwing all of these birds?!”

“I better get a good seat.”

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What line comes after “It’s time to BEGIN!”


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What line comes after “Igneous Caninetario!”

“Hey! He just turned that rock into a dog! That was from my book! HE READ MY BOOK!! AHHH!!”

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What line comes after “A school dance? No. Not going.”

“We have to. To support Cedric!”

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What line comes after “We have to find dates. Who would want to go with US?”

“Well… I kind of have one person in mind…”

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What line comes after “Yeah, come on! What’s the worst that could happen?”


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What line comes after “Yikes. If it makes you feel better, that Longbottom kid… he’s ugly. And he’ll probably stay ugly forever.”

“While true, that doesn’t help me find a date to the ball.”

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What line comes after “How about this? Right now, forget her, forget nerves, and just ask the next person you see.”


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What line comes after “It’s what you literally just… Wayne?”

“Leanne, has anyone asked you to the ball yet?”

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What line comes after “Just my imaginary friend, J Finch Fletchley. But I said no, because he’s imaginary.”

“Well, would you like to go with me?”

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“Sure! I’ll go get ready!”

“It’s still like a week a- okay. Now YOU have to ask the first person you see.”

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What line comes after “J Finch doesnt exist! J Finch can go wherever he wants!”

“All right then! We are people with dates!”

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What line comes after “Want me to get my invisible cloak? It makes me invisible! Sometimes I use it to sneak around and take books and break all the rules! It fits twooooo! Wink! Bye Wayne! Hey, Cedric, let me know if you want to see my cloak! But you can’t see me in it! HA!”

“Hey! Cedric! Congratulations on the first task!”

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What line comes after “Thanks, Wayne! Up top!”

“So, you got a date to the ball yet?”

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What line comes after “No. I’m more preoccupied with figuring out this golden egg. I’ve done everything! I tried opening it.”

“Is that it?”

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What line comes after “Yeah. It just screams. Watch.”

“Maybe it’s a riddle. I used to work through riddle books in the bathtub.”

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What line comes after “All right. Bathtub it is. Thanks, real Mr. Moody! See you, Wayne!”

“Cedric! I hear Cho is interested in going to the ball with you! You should ask her!”

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What line comes after “Hm. Sure, why not? Thanks, mate!”

“Ha. MATE. He might have asked her on his own… eventually. I just helped. I HELPED!”

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What line comes after “Ladies and gentlemen, squibs and squabs! Get ready for the eventful, entertaining, visually appealing SECOND TASK! Your champions have one hour to find something that has been lost in that lake. Spoiler alert, it’s their friends. On your mark, get set, GO!”

“We are just staring at a lake. Just loooking at a lake.”

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What line comes at the top of the Asio book scene?

“Asio book. Asio book! Book! Come here! Pleasio? UGH! I HATE YOU BOOK! YOU ARE THE WORST BOOK, YOU SUCK, BOOK!”

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