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Same, Small

Each of the four Gospels gives the ______________ account of the events leading to Jesus' death, with only ______________ differences in details.

Jerusalem, Passover

______________________ was the center of Jewish faith and worship, particularly during the annual commemoration of the ________________. Jesus' presence in the city was too direct a challenge to ignore.


Early Thursday evening Jesus gathered with his closest friends, the ________________, for a final celebration of the Passover.


After the meal Jesus went with his Apostles to one of his favorite places to pray, the garden at _______________________. While Jesus was in prayer, accepting his Father's will, Judas led the Temple guards to Jesus.


Jesus was brought before the _____________, the ruling group of Jewish religious leaders.


As early as possible the next morning, the Jewish leaders took Jesus to the Roman _______________, Pontius Pilate, and made their case against Jesus.


Pilate _____________ Jesus' execution, although some Gospel accounts indicate that he simply permitted it to happen, rather than specifically ordering Jesus to be killed.


The Gospels provide many details that show how the events of the Crucifixion were the _____________ of many Old Testament prophecies.


According to the Gospels accounts, Jesus ________ in six hours or less.

Experienced, Saved

The Gospel stories take great care to show us that Jesus ____________________ doubt, pain, and fear as he was betrayed put through a mock trial, tortured, and crucified. He was not ____________ from these human feelings because of his divine nature.

Suffered, Forgiveness

The Son of God ______________, died, and was buried for the ____________ of our sins so that we might experience full communion with God in this life and the next.


The chief priests and scribes claimed that Jesus committed ________________ when he claimed powers for himself that belonged to God alone.

Threat, Crucified

Regardless of whether Jesus was a revolutionary, he was a ______________ to the peace that Pilate was pledged to maintain. The bottom line is clear: Jesus would not have been __________________ without the approval of Pilate, acting on behalf of the Roman Empire.


When we consider why both the Jewish and Roman leaders sought to have Jesus executed, we discover at least two ______________ in their human reasons behind Jesus' Passion and death.

Irony, Blasphemy

The first ______________ is that Jesus is indeed the Son of God, the Second Person of the Trinity. Jesus was not committing ____________________.

Irony, Fulfillment

The second ______________ is that in executing Jesus, Pilate set in motion the events that brought the Kingdom of God to its ____________________.

Person, Age

Salvation from sin and death for every ___________ in every ___________ comes through the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jews, Holy Spirit, Meaning

The first Christians, like Jesus himself, were ____________. Guided by the ____________, they looked to their sacred writings, the Jewish Scriptures (which contain most of the same books that are in the Old Testament) to understand the _____________ of Jesus' death.

Unnamed, Save

The "Suffering Servant" passages in Isaiah describe an ___________ servant of the Lord who suffers greatly-not as punishment for his own sins but to ____________ the people from theirs.

Blood, Save

Just as the _________ of the Paschal lambs liberated the Israelites from death and slavery, so too did Jesus' death and Resurrection ___________ all humanity from death and from slavery to sin.


The idea of ___________ helps us to understand that Jesus paid to God the price of our freedom so that we are no longer "owned" by sin and death.


"We give glory to you, Lord, who raised up your cross to span the jaws of death like a _________ by which souls might pass from the region of the dead to the land of the living."

Destroy, Live

The Father allowed his Son's death in order to ______________ the power of death and restore our friendship with God so that we might ______________ eternally with him.


Jesus Christ freely _________ his Passion and death.


Christ's Resurrection is proof that his death was _________________ to overcome the power of sin and death.

Different, Son

What makes Jesus Christ ______________ from other spiritual leaders? Only Jesus Christ is the ______________ of God, the Second Divine Person of the Trinity, who was raised from the dead and now reigns in Heaven forever.


Each of the four Gospels gives us a slightly ______________ account of what happens in the days after Jesus' death.

Real, Historically

Christ's Resurrection was a _______ event. It was _______________ attested to by the disciples, who truly encountered the Risen One

Escaped, Disciples

The empty tomb signified that by God's power, Christ's body __________________ the bonds of death. The empty tomb prepared the _________________ to encounter and believe in the Risen Lord.

Resurrected, Mystery

No one can tell you exactly what it means to be _____________ or what it will be like to experience it. This is a ____________ of faith that we will only fully understand after our death.


According to the ____________, the body keeps the soul captive and holds it back from its full potential.

Guarantee, Resurrection

Saint Paul makes the point that Christ's Resurrection is the _____________ that we too will experience the ________________ of the dead when Christ comes again in glory.


God created us for ___________ life— a life in which there is no hatred, pain, or injustice.

Resurrection, Incarnation

Belief in Jesus' _____________ and belief in the ___________ go hand in hand.

Divinity, Teachings

If the Resurrection reveals the truth of Jesus' _________________, then it also reveals that all his other ______________ are true.

End, Doorway

Because of the Resurrection, death is not the _______; rather, death is our ______________ into new and eternal life in full communion with God and with one another


By descending into hell, Jesus established his ___________________ over all creation—on Earth, in Heaven, and in hell.


We proclaim the truth of the ______________ in the Nicene Creed when we say, "He ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father."

Human, Eternity

Jesus Christ did not leave his ____________ nature behind when he returned to Heaven. For the rest of __________, he remains the true God and true man.

Limited, Free

Because of his ascension, Jesus is no longer ____________ to being in one place at one particular time. He is _________ to be everywhere, with everyone, for all time.

Lies, Empty

We need to be saved from the things that fill our lives with __________ and _________ promises

Original, Personal

The Paschal Mystery saves us from both ___________ Sin and __________ sin.

Consequences, Reconcile

The Paschal Mystery also saves us from the ___________ of sin by providing the means for us to _____________ with God in this life and experience loving communion with him in Heaven.


In many ways, the things we are saved for are the _____________ of what we are saved from.

Joy, Love

We are free to experience all the ____________ and __________ God wants us to have.

Beatific Vision

In this earthly life, we experience God's love and friendship only in partial ways, although at times we may experience a glimpse of _____________________ the saints enjoy in Heaven.

Perfect, Sanctifying Grace

As you can see, between our Baptism and our death, each of us is on a journey to become "_____, just as your heavenly Father is perfect" (Matthew 5:48). To assist us on this journey, we receive the gift of _____ at Baptism.


Immediately after death each person undergoes a person ____________ Judgement by Christ. Our soul will be rewarded according to our faith and final words.

Raised, Final

Christ will return in his glory, and all the dead will be ______. We call this time the last day or the ______ Judgment.