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What is biopsychology?


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Biological Psychology

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What is biopsychology?

the connection between brain and behavior

<p>the connection between brain and behavior</p>

Alternative Names for Behavioral Neuroscience

behavior biology, biopsychology

What does the nucleus contain?



What purpose do dendrites serve?

they collect neurotransmitters

<p>they collect neurotransmitters</p>

How does an action potential work?

It moves through the axon, while the myelin sheath protects it

Myelin Sheath

Fatty layer that ensures the electrical signal moves efficiently

<p>Fatty layer that ensures the electrical signal moves efficiently</p>

How many neurons do we have?

100 billion

<p>100 billion</p>

How many neurons are connected to one another at a time?

10 thousand


Gap contact points that allow for signals to pass from one neuron to the next

How many synapses are in your brain?

100 trillion+

<p>100 trillion+</p>

Is an organism with a bumpy or smooth brain smarter?


Why are bumpier brains smarter?

More surface area: 18 sq ft


Bumps in the brain


trenches in the brain

Disciplines of biopsychology

neuro...anatomy, chemistry, endocrinology, pharmacology, pathology, physiology

How old is the discipline of neuroscience?

About 73 years old

All behavior is the product of interactions among...

genes (based on evolution), experience, and perception of the situation

natural selection

environmental selection pressures dictate the fittest, not best

survival of the fittest

whatever fits environment the best is what promotes survival

What defined the evolution of behavior?

social dominance and courtship displays

social dominance

establishing hierarchy reduces aggression

courtship display

special method of finding a mate

Taxonomic Kingdom classification, in order

Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species


based on anatomical and physical similarities

The smaller the taxonomic ring...

the more specific it is

What idea is evolution based on?

that we share a common ancestor

How old is the common human ancestor?

4.6 billion years

Human took about _______ years to start being humans

a billion

How long ago did bacteria produce the atmosphere?

2.3 billion years ago

When did multi-cellular organisms show up?

about 6 billion years ago

When did chordates first appear?

450 mya

When did vertebrates first show up?

About 25 million years after chordates

What do chordates have?

a rudimentary brain and spine

What do vertebrates have?


When did amphibians first come about?

about 410 million years ago

Why are amphibians evolutionarily fit?

They could go on both land and water, meaning more resources and better safety

How long ago did reptiles come about?

about 300 million years ago

Where do reptiles lay eggs?

On land

Why are reptiles evolutionarily fit?

Can survive in both land and water

When did mammals first appear?

200 million years ago

What species began early human lineage?


Who was Lucy?

Australopithecus, a 4 ft humanoid

When did homosapiens first appear?

about 200 thousand years ago

Evolution is NOT


How does evolution progress?

traits for the environment are selected over time

What species did the modern human evolve from?

Homoerectus, Homoneaderthalis

When did homoerectus die?

About 150 thousand years ago

When did homoneanderthalus die?

30 thousand years ago

How old is oral language?

~40 thousand years old