Frederick Douglass Lists 1-3

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vindication (n)


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vindication (n)

the act of clearing someone of blame or suspicion

abolition (n)

the act of ending (slavery in this case)

detestation (n)

abhorrence; hatred

profligate (adj)

utterly and shamelessly immoral

callous (adj)

made hard or rough over time due to work, exposure: insensitive, uncaring, unconcerned

hearth (n)

home, fireside

pious (adj)

devoutly religious; having a dutiful spirit of reverence

destitute (adj)

without the basic necessities of life; deprived or lacking

pretensions (n)

the laying of a claim to something

pernicious (adj)

causing harm or ruin, especially in a subtle way

impertinent (adj)

intrusive, rude, uncivil

odiousness (n)

the state or quality of deserving hatred or being offensive

deference (n)

respectful submission or yielding to the judgement, opinion, or will of another

cudgel (n)(v)

a short, thick, stick; v. to beat

privation (n)

lack of the comforts and necessities of life

blasphemy (n)

impious, an utterance or action concerning sacred things

rapturous (adj)

full of joy or delight

jargon (n)

vocabulary peculiar to a particular trade, profession, or group

obdurate (adj)

unmoved by persuasion, pity, or tender feelings

maxim (n)

a principle or rule of conduct, a general truth, a short, wise saying

execrate (v)

to detest utterly; to curse

barbarity (n)

brutal or inhuman conduct; cruelty

expedient (n)

means to an end; suitable for the purpose

abhorrence (n)

utter loathing; extreme repugnance

blighting (n)

cause of impairment, destruction, ruin, frustration

emaciated (adj)

thin, wasted, puny, gaunt

depravity (n)

corrupt, degenerate

chattel (n)

Movable article of personal property; a slave

urchins (n)

mischievous boys

emancipation (n)

liberation, deliverance, freedom