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Is Candide legitimate or illegitimate?


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Is Candide legitimate or illegitimate?

illegitimate or not legal

Who is Candide's uncle?

a German baron

Where does Candide grow up and live?

in the baron's castle, Thunder-ten-tronckh in Westphalia, Germany

Why did Candide's mother refuse to marry his father?

because his father's family tree could only be traced through 71 quarterings

Is the baroness fat?

yes, very much so. 350 lbs.

Who is Candide's tutor?


What does Pangloss teach?


How does Candide react to Pangloss's teachings?

with great attention and faith

Who is Cunegonde?

the baron's daughter, and later, Candide's wife

What does Cunegonde witness Pangloss and a wench doing?

experimental physics aka sex

Why is Candide called Candide?

because he combines true judgement with simplicity of spirit

What do people call the Baron?

My Lord

What does Cunegonde do after watching Pangloss and the wench?

seeks Candide

What did Cunegonde purposely do when she was behind the screen with Candide?

let her hankerchief fall

Why does the Baron banish Candide?

because he kisses Cunegonde

What town does Candide end up in after banishment?


Who finds Candide next and what is his condition?

two men, he is half dead with hunger and fatigue

What do the two men dressed in blue ask Candide to do?

drink to the health of the king of the Bulgars.

What do the 2 men do for Candide?

script him to serve in the Bulgar army.

What do the 2 men say is the reason men are born?

to assist one another

The 2 men ask Candide if he loves who?

the King of the Bulgarians

Describe the treatment of the army Candide endures?

it is brutal. he is beaten.

what choice do they give candide?

whether he can run the gauntlet or be executed

why does the king of the bulars pardon candide?

hes a metaphysician

what does candide's wounds heal in time for?

for him to fight in the war between the bulagrs and abares

where does candide escape to next?


what does the orator ask candide whther he supports of not

the good cause

the orator asks candid if he believe that the _____ is the _________

pope antichrist

how does candid respond

dont know, he wants food

what does the orator's wife do to candids

dumps human waste on head

who rescues him

Jacques, a kind anabaptist

where does jacq take him

to his home in ther rug factory

who does the beggar turn out to be


what does pangloss tell candid happene dat the barons castel

bulgars attacked, killed baroness, his wife, his son, raped and murdered cunegonde

pangloss contracted what from whom

shyphilis Paquette

why does pangloss like that he has syphilis

it leads back to a man who treavele with comolbus

syphilis made what possible


candide takes pangloss to whom for treatment?


what does pan lose to the disease?

eye ear

jacques hires pan as his what


where does jac take cand and pan?

Lisbon, Portugal

what happens on their way to Lisbon

a sailor falls overboard, jac rescues him but in the process dies, the sailor, pan, and ccandid survive and walk ashore

what has just happened in lisbon


what does the sailor do

gets drunk, has sex with wench

how does pan comfort the victims

telling them the quake happened for the best

one of the officers of the Inquisition accuses Pangloss of what because an optimist cannot possibly believe in what?

hersy, original sin

what do the authorities do to prevent futher quakes

burn people

who do they choose why

man married his godmother, 2 others for refusing to eat bacon (Jews)

why do they hang pan

for his opinions