We watch your lectures for you

Import lecture videos and transform them into summarized notes and flashcards you can easily study from and interact with.

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Remember the important stuff

Understand lecture videos better with summarized notes outlining the key information your teacher covers.

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Make flashcards from videos in seconds

We’ll make flashcards on key figures and terms mentioned in the video for you to study from.

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Test yourself on lecture videos

We use active recall to generate practice tests that quiz you on the material covered in your lecture video.

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Have a question? KnowtAI has the answer

KnowtAI is an expert on your lectures, ask questions directly related to your lecture videos or pick from one of our conversation starters.

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Summarize Youtube Videos

Don’t have the time to watch a long video the day before an exam? Copy and paste the youtube link into Knowt and we’ll summarize it for you.

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What website summarizes lecture video?
  • KnowtAI watches your lecture videos for you and create concise, summarized notes and flashcards on the most important information. Download the Knowt Chrome Extension and open any lecture video. Once you open the extension, you can import the video to Knowt where we will watch your lecture video, summarize your lecture using our Knowt AI Video summarizer and create practice questions and flashcards for you to practice with.
How do I save time watching lecture videos on Knowt?
  • Import your lecture videos to Knowt and use KnowtAI to get an outline on the most important parts of your lecture using our AI Video Summarizer. Then, use the practice test feature to quiz yourself on the material until you understand it really well. Instead of spending hours rewatching old lectures, using active recall to learn the information is a better use of your time because it will help you remember it better. If you have any questions or don’t understand a concept, use the KnowtAI Chat to ask questions related to the lecture video.
How do I create practice tests from videos?
  • Once you upload a video to Knowt, press the study button to generate practice questions to test you on the material using the Knowt AI Practice Test Generator.
How do I make instant flashcards from videos?
  • Once you upload a video, ask KnowtAI to create flashcards from your note using the buttons to the right of the video. Our AI Flashcard Maker will make flashcards in seconds so you can focus on learning them with our free study modes.
What websites does Knowt summarize videos from?
  • So far, you can import videos using our chrome extension from Canvas, Zoom, Youtube, Panopta and Yuja. If your lecture video is not from one of these, you can also download the video and upload it directly on knowt.com.