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the seneca falls convention was important because it

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the seneca falls convention was important because it

was the first women's rights convention in american history

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the united states began to emerge from the depression as a result of

producing goods for the allied forces

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Temperance societies worked to

eliminate the consumption of alcohol

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what was the central message of the Roosevelt corollary

The United States would use force to prevent intervention in the affairs of neighboring countries.

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jackie robinson, thurgood marshall, rosa parks, and martin luther king jr were alike in that they

took actions to end segregation

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in 1954, the supreme court ruled in brown vs. board of education that

segregation was no longer permissible in public schools

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most African american exodusters migrated west to

escape racial violence in the south

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Why did some states ban the teaching of evolution in the schools?

The theory seemed to contradict the bibles account of creation

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during the 1800s, the port of entry for majority of immigrants was

new york city

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A major goal of the Lewis and Clark expedition was to

gather information about natural resources west of the mississippi ?

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Abolitionists all agreed about

the need to end slavery

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In 1961, president kennedy committed NASA and the nation to the goal of

landing a man on the moon within the decade

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The berlin airlift was president trumans response to the

soviet blockade of west berlin

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The radical republicans opposed president lincolns reconstruction plan, saying it was too

lenient on the south

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the revolutionary was began with the

battles of Lexington and Concord.

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What finally brought an end to World War II?

the dropping of atomic bombson Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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which best describes the great migration

movement of African americans to northern cities

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which of the following was designed to ensure that the president would not gain dictoral powers over government

the system of checks and balances

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why did fdr declare a bank holiday early in his administration

to inspect the financial health of the banks

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The northwest ordinance of 1787

forbade slavery in territory north of the ohio river

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the treaty of tordesillas of 1494 settled

The dispute between Spain and Portugal over claims to new lands

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most progressives agreed that the government should

protect workers and help the poor

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The purpose of the Fugitive Slave Act was to

force all Americans to help catch escaped slaves

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which of the following best describes japanese kamikazes

bomb loaded planes whose pilots deliberately crashed into targets

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critics of powerful industrialists referred to them as

robber barons

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what did the united states fear would happen if it did not get involved in Vietnam

communists would take over

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which of the following was most important in making cotton "king" in the south ?

the invention of the cotton gin

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Under popular sovereignty, the decision whether or not to allow slavery in a territory was made by

the voters of the territory

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what prompted the united states to enter the war in 1941

the japanese attack on pearl harbor

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members of the house un-american activities committee charged numerous Hollywood figures with

being sympathetic to communist ideas

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a major environmental crisis of the 1930s was known as

the dust bowl

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in the gettysburg address, lincoln

promised the nation a new birth of freedom

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alfred t.mahan argued that to protect its trade, the united states must build up its


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The Red Scare was a response to

Russian Revolution

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which was part of American policy during the early years of world war two

remaining neutral while making war supplies available to britain

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the interstate commerce act was passed to

regulate railroad rates and practices

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What did President Truman promise in the Truman Doctrine?

to support nations trying to resist soviet control

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General Lee marched his troops into Pennsylvania because he

hoped to win a victory on union soil

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which of the following best describes satellite nations

nations dominated by the soviet union

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Which was a provision of the Missouri Compromise of 1820?

free states could never outnumber slave states

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the warren commission declared that kennedys assassination was the work of a

lone assassin

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which of the following demonstrated enforcement of the monroe doctrine

The United States insisted that Great Britain submit a boundary dispute with Venezuela to arbitration

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what role did rosa parks play in the struggle for equal rights

she helped the montgomery bus boycott

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what was one important effect if the invention of the cotton gin 1793

the demand for slave labor increased

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Marcus Garvey led a movement to

build up African American self-respect and economic power

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during the early 1900s, the national association for the advancement of colored people was an example of how african americans

Used the court system to fight discrimination

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the monroe doctrine stated that

Europe must not try to control any nation in the Western Hemisphere

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the virginia colony survived largely because the english colonists

began growing tobacco for sale

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the main goal of the ku klux klan during reconstruction was to

prevent african americans from exercising their rights

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the three fifths compromise resolved the issue of

how enslaved people were to be counted in the population

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in the 1840s, the phrase manifest destiny referred to the idea that the united states would inevitably

stretch across north america from the Atlantic to the pacific

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How did most investors react to a sudden fall in stock prices in 1929?

they raced to sell their stocks

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which of the following best describes the northwest passage

a water route across north america

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V-E Day, May 8, 1945, marked

The end of the war in Europe

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Southern state governments restricted the rights of former slaves by

passing black codes

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In the case of Plessy v. Ferguson, the Supreme Court

established the "separate-but-equal" doctrine, upholding segregation

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the double v campaign

promoted victory in war and racial equality at home

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the government contributed to the building of the transcontinental railroad by

Awarding loans and land grants to private companies to build the railroad

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what led the government to evacuate japanese americans from the west coast

Long held prejudice, and fears inflamed by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

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The idea of natural rights is best defined as

rights belonging to all people because they are human

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which of the following revolutionized american communications in the late 1800s

the telegraph and telephone

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which of the following took place on d-day

the landing of Allied forces on France's Normandy coast

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FDR aroused the most opposition when he

attempted to "pack" the Supreme Court

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After Rutherford B. Hayes became President in 1877, he

removed federal troops from the south

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In response to the formation of NATO, the Soviet Union

created the warsaw pact

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the main objective of the nativists was to

restrict immigration

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the selective service act was a means of

drafting young men for the military forces

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As a result of the Cuban Missile Crisis,

the Soviets removed their missiles from Cuba.

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Which group faced hard times during much of the 1920s?


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the emancipation proclamation freed

enslaved people living in areas controlled by the Confederacy

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Why was the Open Door Policy important to the United States?

it gave the united states access to millions of consumers in china

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What was the outcome of the Korean War?

Korea remained divided at almost exactly the same place as before the war

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which of the following was added to the constitution to help gain the support of antifederalists?

the bill of rights

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the 1957 launching of sputnik

caused Congress to increase spending on teaching science and mathematics.

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the act of lynching might best be described as

seizure and execution of a person by a mob

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Which event sparked World War I?

The assassination of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne

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What issue did the Great Compromise resolve?

representation in the legislature

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the two railroads that built the transcontinental railroad were

union pacific and central pacific

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settlers in virginia in 1619 formed this lawmaking assembly of elected representatives to establish rule and order in the colony

house of burgesses

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which of the following issues led delegates to the constitutional convention to agree to the three fifths compromise

disagreements over taxation

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the Emancipation Proclamation

decreed freedom for all enslaved people in the states at war with the Union

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jfk quote- by this famous statement in his inaugural address, kennedy meant that

citizens need to get involved

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the bessemer process was crucial in the Development of


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this photo illustrates the bank failures that occurred in the early 1930s because

customers withdrew their money from the banks all at once

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a tax on foreign goods that enter the country so the products are competitively priced in the new country


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thomas paine- according to the quotation, paine believed it was time for the colonies to

declare independence ?

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Unlike in the North, segregation in the South was

enforced by law

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Southerners called a northern Republican who moved to the South following the Civil War by this nickname


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this political cartoon implies that president roosevelt is

trying to appoint justices who agree with his view

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the economic theory meant to increase a nations wealth by amassing more gold in reserve than is spent so the nation would be ready to withstand hard economic times


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in his inaugural address which opinion does wallace present

the races should be separated in all aspects of public life

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what is one method that some southern states used to restrict the execution of the fifteenth amendment?

literacy tests

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members of congress who wanted to declare war on britain were nicknamed the

war hawks

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which of these events had the most direct influence over the writing of the declaration of independence

the publication of common sense

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based on the excerpt, which of the following was a priority for Lincoln after the Civil War?

regaining a sense of national unity

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John T. Scopes was put on trial for

teaching evolution

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What is Alfred T. Mahan best known for today?

transforming the United States into a naval power

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The map shows the site of the battle that was the turning point of the war in the east. that battle took place at


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Mercantilism most directly resulted from which of the following circumstances?

competition for wealth among european nations

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Due to the success of his mass production methods, Henry Ford was able to give his workers

two days off from work each week

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