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Sides of the French and Indian War


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Sides of the French and Indian War

French and Native Americans vs British and Colonists

What area of America were they fighting over in the Seven Years War?

Northwest Area (Great Lakes Region) and Ohio River Valley

Proclamation Line of 1763

Established a line down the Appalachian Mts. that the British colonists were not supposed to settle on the other side of

What was the Proclamation Line trying to prevent?

Further conflict with the Native Americans

Salutary Neglect

The practice of a ruling country to be lax about the laws in the country being ruled

Why did Britian get rid of salutary neglect?

After the F&I War they needed more money so started paying more attention to colonists to they could tax and trade with them

A plan devolped by Ben Franklin to create an intercolonial way to recruit troops into an army and collect taxes

Albany Plan of Union

Why did the Albany Plan not pass?

Colonies were too concerned about keeping individual taxing power.

Who was the head General of the Continental Army?

George Washington

What did the colonists realize after the F&I War?

They could protect themselves

Who started the Sons of Liberty?

Sam Adams

Which Rebellion group carried out the Boston Tea Party?

Sons of Liberty

What did the Daughters of Liberty do to support the rebellion?

Made products that would normally be imported to support boycotts.

What were the Paxton Boys most angry about?

The government refused to help them fight Native Americans off their land.

What started the Boston Massacre?

A group of colonists hassling British soldiers.

Who represented the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre?

John Adams

What was John Adams trying to prove by representing the British soldiers in court?

That even people connected to the British government could be tried fairly in the colonies

Who bankrolled the rebellion and was the "wealthiest man in Boston"?

John Hancock

What did John Hancock do to make money?

Smuggled goods, various illegal activities

Where was Marquis de Lafayette from?


Who taught the Continental Army to become a real army over their winter at Valley Forge?

Baron von Steuben

Who was Charles Cornwallis?

Commander of the British army at Yorktown who surrendered to the Americans.

Where were Hessians from?


Who were the Hessians?

Soldiers hired by the British to fight in the American Revolution

What battle were the Hessians famously destroyed by George Washington and the Continental Army?

Battle of Trenton

Who was Benedict Arnold?

Commander of West Point

Why is Benedict Arnold considered an enemy?

He gave up information on Westpoint to the British and tried to hand the fort over to them.

What was a Writ of Assistance?

A very general search warrant that was supposed to be used by British soldiers to search for smuggled goods

Which Amendment later made the Writ of Assistance illegal?

Amendment 4, no unreasonable search and seizure

What did the Stamp Act do?

Taxed almost all printed documents including legal forms, mail, and newspapers.

Why was the Stamp Act Congress important?

Set a precedent for later Continental Congresses

What did the Stamp Act Congress do?

Convinced British parliament to repeal the stamp act

What act repealed the stamp act?

Declaratory Act

What did the Declaratory Act do besides repeal the Stamp Act?

Declared that British parliament had the right to tax the colonists without their specific permission.

What did the Quartering Act 1765 do?

Required colonial governments to pay for barracks and food for the British soldiers

What did the Quartering Act of 1774 do?

Increased the 1765 act and required private residents to house and feed soldiers if needed

Which act made imported tea LESS expensive in an effort to keep the East India Trading Company from going out of business?

Tea Act

Why didn't the Tea Act work in its intended manor?

The colonists were not angry about the money anymore, they were angry about the principal of being taxed without their consent.

What was the Boston Tea Party?

The Sons of Liberty dressed up as Indians and threw a billion dollars of imported tea into the Boston Harbor

What did British Parliament do in reaction to the Boston Tea Party?

Passed the Intolerable Acts or Coercive Acts

What were the five acts that made up the Coercive Acts?

Government Acts, Administration of Justice Act, Boston Port Act, and Quartering Act of 1774

What did the Intolerable Acts do as a whole?

Reduced legislative power in the colonies, sent all British soldiers and officials to Britain if they did something illegal, closed Boston's ports, and increased soldier quartering laws

What were the first two battles of the American Revolution?

Lexington and Concord

What did the Second Continental Congress establish?

Continental Army

Which battle did the Continental Army sneak up on the Hessians on December 26, 1776?

Battle of Trenton

After the _________ France decided to help the Americans.

Battle of Saratoga

What two important events happen at Valley Forge?

Continental Army was "vaccinated" against small pox and Baron von Steuben taught them discipline and how to be a real army

What is seen as the last battle of the American Revolution?

Battle of Yorktown

Who wrote Common Sense?

Thomas Paine