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what does Samara mean

wheel of rebirth

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what is nirvana?

-the end of the cycle of death and rebirth, there is no more desire and suffering

-complete peace

-ultimate goal for Buddhists (Means “blowing out”)

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how can nirvana be archived

through self-effort and in one lifetime

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what is reborn in Buddhism

a bundle of energy (not atman) Belief in rebirth, not reincarnation

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why can there be no soul

There is no believe in a supreme being

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how is the energy reborn?

into one living being or many. (Depends on how much karma was gathered in the previous life.)

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what causes the endless cycle of samsara

having selfish DESIRE (desire = suffering)

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what is the candle analogy

Hinduism suggest its the old flame.

Buddhism suggests its a new flame.

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what is karma?

the law of cause and effect (one’s actions having an impact on one’s future life)

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what does karma relate too?

merit and influences samsara

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what is merit?

the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward

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what is The Dharma

Buddha’s teachings) – describe the main Buddhist beliefs regarding how a person should live

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what are the categories of dharma

  • The Three Jewels

  • The Three Marks of Existence

  • Four Noble Truths

  • Noble Eightfold Path

  • Five Precepts 

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what are The Three Jewels

  1. The founder of Buddhism (the Buddha)

  2. The Buddha’s teachings (dharma)

  3. The Buddhist community (sangha)

    (Buddhists believe that meaning can be found in our troubled world through the Three Jewels.)

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what are The Three Marks of Existence

  1. Impermanence (Anicca)

    (Everything is in a “process of flux”)

  2. Suffering (Dukka)

    (We need to detach ourselves from improper behaviour)

  3. No self (Anatta)

    There is nothing enduring about animals or humans, Nothing has a soul, There is no permanent self because every being is constantly changing, Every being is a bundle of energy, Our energy moves to a new body when we die

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what are the Four Noble Truths

1.  All life involves suffering (dukkha)

2.  Suffering is caused by desires and craving (Samudaya)

3.  Suffering can end when our cravings end (nilodha)

  1. Follow the Eight fold Path (mugra)

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what is the Noble Eightfold Path

  1. Right Understanding

    Understanding that the Four Noble Truths are noble and true.

  2. Right Thought

    Be determined to practice Buddhist faith

  3. Right Speech

    Avoiding slander, gossip, lying, and

    all forms of untrue and abusive


  4. Right Conduct/Action

    No violent acts, stealing or sexual


  5. Right Means of Making a Living/Livelihood

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8 fold path continued

  1. Right Mental Attitude or


  2. Right Mindfulness

  3. Right Concentration

    Use meditation to reach the highest level of


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what are the Five Precepts 

thou shalt not kill

thou shalt not lie

thou shalt not steal

thou shalt not sexual misconduct

thou shalt not intoxication or youll end up just like me

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where did Siddhartha live

in the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains about 2600 years ago

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what was Siddhartha father?

chief of the Sakya people and part of the warrior/princely caste

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how was Siddhartha born?

  • Born with no pain to Queen Maya

  • Bore marks of Perfection

  • Walking and Talking shortly after birth

  • Lotus Flowers blossomed in his footsteps

  • An illustrious being

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Why did the holy man Asita think Sid would become a emporer or saviour

sid had special marks on him

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what are 4 for things Sid saw that made him change

sickness, old age, death, Asceticism

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how long is Sid an ascetic for

6 yr

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what did Sid hear

If you tighten the string too much it will snap….If you leave it too loose it won’t play.

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what is the middle path

in between:

Self-indulgence  - A Wealthy Prince

Self-denial – A Devout Ascetic

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what happens when Siddartha Reaches Enlightenment

he becomes the Buddha (the enlightened one)

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what dose the lotus flower represent

the progression of the soul soul from the primeval mud of materialism, through the waters of experience, and into the bright sunshine of enlightenment.”

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the wheel of dharma

the steps of the Noble Eightfold Path. One cannot be free from suffering until they follow the path.

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the wheel of life

A complete visual representation of samsara. This wheel is a visual aid to show the environments of samsara and all the beings who inhabit them. It is composed of four concentric circles and is thought to have been designed by Buddha. The inner circle features three animals; a bird, a pig and a snake. It also represents the three basic human vices that keep the wheel turning; greed, ignorance and hatred. The next ring shows the forms we take when we are reborn. The white represents heaven and the black represents hell. The third ring shows the various regions into which one can be reborn. The outer circle represent the twelve causes of endless rebirth.

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-Mandela means circle

-It’s a visual aid for concentration and a device for meditation

-They are pictorial representations of the architectural ground floor plans for the heavenly mansion of a particular deity or divine person.

The viewing of a mandala generated healing energy and brings the viewer closer to enlightenment.

The mandala represents an imaginary heavenly palace, that is contemplated during meditation

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The buddha is..

just a man (no special abilities, not worrishped)

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why do Buddhist pray

to Develop compassion for all beings.

Realise the truth of illusions and the self- Anatta.

Become aware of how to becomeawakened.

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how do Buddhist pray?


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prayer flag

Tibetan Buddhists string cloth flags in front of homes and from mountaintop to mountaintop.

The flag colours represent the five elements and have Buddhist prayers, mantras and symbols written on them so that the wind will spread goodwill and compassion everywhere.

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what are prayer wheels?

used for meditation, believe that the words inscribed on the prayer wheels contain powerful energy that is release into the world when the wheels are turned

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what is Vesak

Buddhas birthday, represents his whole journey.,

For Theravada Buddhists:

It’s a great celebration

Homes are cleaned and decorated

Food is prepared

Food is given to monks (Alms)

Statues of the Buddha are bathed

Special Puja (gifts)

Focus on giving to charity at this time.

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more about budddhas birthday

In the temple, Buddhists will meditate and chant.

They focus on the Three Jewels and show thanks to them.

In the temple or at home, Puja and symbols of impermanence, such as flowers and incense, are used.

Buddha statues are bathed.

At this time Buddhists are mindful of their thoughts and actions.

Many will be vegetarian during this time.

Especially in SE Asia, birds might be released from cages as a symbol of freedom.

Donations to the temple or the poor are also given.

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stuff about buddhas statues

Buddhist statues are loaded with symbolism and teachings.Allow ppl to pay homage to Buddha

Mudras - the hand positions of the Buddha have different meanings.

“Touching Earth mudra” - represents Buddha's story where he finally becomes enlightened and he touches the earth and asks the earth to be his witness.

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Puja is a ritual of devotion.

Often there is light representing illumination.

Flowers represent beauty and Anicca (they fade and wilt = impermanence)

The statue of Buddha is for respect and devotion.

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what is mediation?

about transforming the mind, being aware of what is happening in your mind and body, Techniques develop focus, clarity,and positivity

(The purpose of mediation is to learn to watch the mind and develop focus and concentration.)

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what are Mantras

sounds that evoke (create) a sense of concentration (common one is the Om) Om Mani Padme Hum

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what is chanting

saying things over and over again. helps focus mind, stay in touch with their spiritual nature and, enter into a deep state of mediation.

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Temple - Vihara

designed to show the journey of enlightenment.

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Theravada school of Buddhism

small Vehicle,

oldest school of Buddhism,

stresses self-liberation through personal power and effort.

Only monks are considered to be members of the sangha and they alone can achieve Enlightenment Ultimate goal is to become an Arhat

Lineage goes back to Buddha

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Mahayana School of Buddhism

big Vehicle

believe that it’s not just what the Buddha taught that matters in terms of how to become enlightened but also what the Buddha himself demonstrated about how to behave.

Focus on compassion

Mahayana stresses this, that all can escape from suffering

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difference between Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism

Mahayana believes that one should aim to be a Bodhisattva - gained enlightenment but remain in Samsara to aid all beings out of suffering

Dalai Lama is considered an incarnation of the Bodhisattva - refused Nirvana in order to help people.

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The Tripitaka - Three Baskets

Vinaya Pitaka - Rules for the Sangha

Sutta Pitaka - Teachings on Dhamma

Abhidhamma Pitaka - Complex philosophical teachings on the nature of reality

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Vinaya Pitaka - 5 books

These are a complex and numerous set of rules for monks and nuns.

(How to behave with one another. How to conduct themselves during their duties in the Sangha. Detailed instructions on the Five Precepts. Even what kinds of cloth to wear and what to eat! Nuns have an extra set of rules they must adhere to.)

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Sutta Pitaka - 5 Collections

These are teachings on Dharma, the cause of sufferin and the way out.

(These are the Buddha’s teachings Mostly his sermons; collection of wisdom verses This collection also includes a famous sutta, particularly known in the West as Metta Sutta - On Compassion Jataka Tales)

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Abhidhamma Pitaka - 7 books

These are teachings for those who are reaching a certain point of focus and awareness.

Complex teachings for monks/nuns who are on their way towards this kind of super introspection.

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Jataka Tales

These are part of the Sutta Pitaka and are detailed accounts of the various lives the Buddha had!

-The Buddha through the process of becoming enlightened was able to re-experience his previous lives.

-His lives were in various forms, different people or animals.

-These stories show the virtues when dealing with ethical dilemmas.

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