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French and Indian War


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French and Indian War

A war in North America between France and Britain; 1755-1760

Treat of Paris

The ______ ended the French and Indian War in 1763 and gave all of French Canada and Spanish Florida to Britain.

Covenant Chain

An alliance of Indian tribes established to resist colonial settlement in the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes region and to oppose British trading policies.

Proclamation Line of 1763

Boundary that Britain established in the Appalachian Mountains, west of which white settlement was banned. It was intended to reduce conflict between Indians and colonists.

Mercantile Theory

Economic notion that a nation should amass wealth by exporting more than it imports; colonies were seen as a source of raw materials and a market for manufactured goods.

George Greenville

British Prime Minister who sought to tighten controls over the colonies and to impose taxes to raise revenue.

Currency Act, American Revenue Act, Sugar Act, and Vice Admiralty Court

George Greenville began to think that the colonies were under-regulated and undergoverned and so passed these four acts in 1764.

Stamp Act

(1765) directly taxed a variety of items including newspapers, playing cards, and legal documents.

Sons of Liberty

A secret organization first formed in Boston to oppose the Stamp Act. Led by Samuel Adams.

Townsend Acts

Revenue raising measure imposing taxes on colonial imports from within the British Empire.

Paper, glass, paint, and tea.

The Townshend Acts taxed which colonial commodity?

Boston Massacre

Major confrontation when an angry crowd of colonists began throwing snowballs laced with bricks and rocks at British sentries. Under no orders, the British began to fire and killed 5 men and injured 8 others.

American Revolution

Which happened first, the American Revolution or the War for Independence?


The American Revolution took place from ____ to ____.


The War for Independence took place from _____ to _____.

Tea Act

The Boston Tea Party was in response in to what act imposed by the British?

Intolerable Acts

The four acts parliament passed in 1774 to punish MA for the Boston Tea Party were known as the ____________.

Port Act, MA Government Act, Justice Act, and the Quartering Act.

What were the four Intolerable Acts?

First Continental Congress

A gathering of delegates that demanded the repeal of the Intolerable Acts, established a new boycott of British goods, and issued a Declaration of Rights and Grievances.

Battle of Lexington Concord

Confrontations in April 1775 between British and patriot minutemen; first battle of the Revolution

Battle of Lexington Concord

The “Shot heard ‘round’ the world refers to which battle?

June 11, 1776 and signed in July

When was the Declaration of Independence drawn up and signed?


How many men signed the Declaration of Independence?

Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor

In the last line of the Declaration of Independence, the signers pledged their _____, ______, and ________

declaration of independence

A formal statement adopted by the 2nd Continental Congress in 1776, that listed justifications for rebellion and declared the American mainland colonies to be independent of Britain.

Thomas Gage

British General who was the military governor of MA and commander of the army occupying Boston in 1776.

Battle of Bunker (Breed’s) Hill

A battle for Boston on June 17, 1775 in which the patriot rebels were winning until they ran out of ammunition.

George Washington

Commander of the Continental forces and quickly acted to reorganize the militia units, replace incompetent officers, and tighten discipline.

Battle of Trenton

Battle on December 26, 1776 when Washington led troops across the Delaware river and captured a Hessian Garrison

Sugar Act and Stamp Act

What were the two key acts that the British passed that lead to the War for Independence?

Articles of Confederation

An attempt to unite the colonies, but create too weak of a central government and so only lasts 5 years.

Mann’s Tavern

Where do delegates meet in Sept 1786 to discuss a meeting to revise the Articles of Confederation?

To revise the Articles of Confederation

What was the purpose of the Constitutional Convention that met from May 25 to September 17, 1787

James Madison

What founding father was regarded as the Father of the Constitution and wrote a secret code in his newspaper.

Governor Morris

Founding Father regarded as the Penman of the Constitution


How many mens signed the Constitution?

Articles of Confederation

Soon after the Declaration of Independence was approved, a national constitution was created. This became to be known as the _______

Northwest Ordinances

Three Laws that dealt with the sale of public lands in the NW territory and established a plan for the admission of new states to the union.

They created too weak of a central government

What was wrong with the Articles of Confederation?

Great Compromise

A proposition calling for two houses with equal representation for the states in one house and proportional representation in the other.

3/5 Compromise

An agreement to count 3/5 of a state’s slave population for purposes of determining a state’s representation in the House

Ratifying Conventions

Framers called for a meeting of delegates in each state to determine whether that state would ratify the constitution.


Pro-Constitution forces abandoned the label “nationalists” and took on the name ________

Federalist Papers

_________ were essays written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison in support of the Constitution.

Whiskey Rebellion

A protest by grain farmers against the 1794 federal tax on whiskey; militia forces led by President Washington put down the PA uprising.

Naturalization Act, Alien Act, and Alien Enemies Act

What were the three acts passed in 1798 by Congress to counter political activities by immigrants.

Increase National Income, and get out of debt

Alexander Hamilton’s financial plan was passed so that the U.S. could ______ and _______.

Manufacturing instead of Agriculture

In Hamilton’s financial plan he wanted the U.S’ economy to become based on what?

Taxation, Tariffs, Assumption of State Debt, Funding of Debt, and creating a National Bank

What were the 5 parts to Hamilton’s Financial Plan?