Topic 4-6 Biodiversity

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Environmental Science

Ecosystems & Biodiversity


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One to two forms of a gene, are found in the same place on a chromosome, represented by one letter (B)


A unit of heredity that is transferred from a parent to offspring. Determines characteristics of offspring, represented by 2 letters (Bb)


the branch of science that deals with heredity

what does DNA stand for

deoxyribonucleic acid

What is meiosis

when a single reproductive cell divides into 4 different cells that each contain half of the genetic info

what is mitosis

when a single cell divides into 2 different cells that each have all the genetic info

what is the backbone of the DNA made of

Sugars and phosphate

The bases in DNA are known by what letters

G, C, A, T

What will Adenine bond to


What will guanine only bond to


What are the stages of mitosis

Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telephase

What are examples of an inherited characteristics

eye colour, hair colour , hair type

what are examples of non-inherited characteristics

scars, talents, dyed hair

What are examples of continuous variations

Height, mass, hair colour

What are examples of discrete variations

Blood type, gender, ability to curl tongue

What are examples of mutagens

x-rays, ultraviolet rays, chemicals

What is artificial selection

The process of selecting and breeding individuals with desirable traits to produce offspring

what are some drawbacks to artificial selection

decreased genetic diversity, more vulnerable to disease

What is cloning

making a genetically identical copy of an organism

what is artificial insemination

sperm in harvested from a desirable make and inserted into a female

what is in vitro fertilization (IVF)

Fertilization happens outside of the body in a petri dish and is placed in a female

What is genetic engineering (Genetically modified organisms)

Technique where they move pieces of DNA from one cell to another

What are the 4 statements Darwin used to explain natural selection

  1. All organisms produce more offspring than can possibly survive

  2. There is an incredible variation within each species

  3. Some of those variations increase the chances of an organism surviving to reproduce

  4. Overtime, variation that are passed on lead to changes in the genetic characteristics of a species

Who discovered the structure of DNA

James Watson and Francis Crick