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A ______ is a particular academic writing genre that requires you to carefully study, summarize, and critically analyze a study or a concept.

  1. “Know” your material.

  2. Take notes as you read.

  3. Understand the main points of the author/s

  4. Identify the point that you agree and disagree with

  5. Preparation for the organization

  6. Draft your paper

  7. Get feedback whenever possible and continue reading.

Steps in writing a critical essay


A critique must be written __________based on observations of the text.


This will contain the actual data that you have strived to collect over the research period.


Ensures that any questions raised in your paper have been answered.

Title Page

A glance through this part of a paper will give you vital details such as the paper title, author name, affiliations, and more.


Informs the reader of your point of view

Introduction, Body, Conclusion

What are the main elements of a position paper?

Position paper

A ______ is an essay made to generate support on an issue. It describes the author’s position on an issue and the rationale for that position and, in the same way, that a research paper incorporates supportive evidence, is based on facts that provide a solid foundation for the author’s argument.

  1. Develop a topic

  2. Identify your purpose

  3. Develop your thesis statement

  4. Decide on the Structure and Style of your Outline

  5. Organize the Information in Your Outline

  6. Write a Conclusion

  7. Compare Your Work Against the Assignment Sheet

  8. Conclusion

How to write position paper outline.

Informative and Persuasive

Types of thesis statements

1.Claims 2.Reasons 3.Evidence 4.Warrants 5.Acknowledgement and response

Parts of an arguments

Position Paper

It is an essay made to generate support on an issue.

to generate support from the readers through strong and valid assertions.

What is the purpose of a position paper?


May be gathered from sources such as books, academic journals, newspapers and magazines, reports, and even testimonies from experts.

Preliminary Research

A Research that contains information that needs to beverified and its results are not conclusive.

Thesis Statement

It states what you will discuss, why it matters and includes an overview of how you expect to do this in your body paragraphs

Informative thesis statement

The aim is to inform your readers about what you're going to cover without stating your personal feelings or debating an issue too much


A good thesis should be brief and to the point, which is why you should avoid flowery language.


Refers to the statement of a viewpoint on a topic that is then supported with evidence.


They are the assumptions, shared beliefs and justifying principles that connect your evidence to your reasoning

Materials and Methods

The data collected over the course of the study needs to be interpreted in a well-defined manner to make the most of the data.

Literature review

A _____ is a type of academic essay that examines what has already been written about a topic.

Book review

A _____ is a summary and/or analysis of a single piece of literature (book).

Literature review

A _____ is also a summary and analysis but involves a number of academic reading materials (and not just books) such as articles (from journals, magazines, and newspapers), theses, and dissertations among others.

  1. Choose a manageable topic

  2. Have a working thesis statement

  3. Search for credible materials

  4. Do Note-Taking

  5. Do a tentative outline

Planning the literature review

Research reports

this is a publication that reports on the findings of a research project or alternatively scientific observations on or about a subject.

1.Abstract 2.Introduction 3.Method/s 4.Results and discussions 5.Conclusions

Parts of a Research Report

Project proposal

A _____ is a document that is written for problem solving, service provision, event planning, or equipment selling. Generally, proposals are used to convince the reader to do what the proposal suggests, such as buying goods or services, funding a project, or implementing a program.

1.Summary 2.Introduction 3.Methods 4.Project 5.Time Line 6.Budget

Parts of a Project Proposal


This part of are search report discusses the significance of the research topic and what has been done in previous studies on the same topic.


This [art of a research report documents the research design, participants, instruments, and data analysis of your research.


This part of a research report is a one short paragraph that mentions the relevant aspects of the research such as it's topic, methods, and results


This part of a project proposal shows the chronological order of events that you plan to do in your project


This part of a project proposal reveals what the project intends to achieve in terms of results


This part of a project proposal is the best estimate of the costs requested to complete a project.

Choose a managaeable topic

This step of a literature review involves choosing a general topic of interest and narrowing it down to the most specific topic possible.

Search for credible materials

This step of a literature review allows for you to look for related and credible sources.

Do a tentative outline

This step of a literature review shows how you plan to organize all the ideas you have so far.

Do note-taking

This step of a literature review is used while reading the source.


A one to two-page summary of experiences and skills relevant to the job applied for

Basic Information

Name, address, contact number/s, e-mail address


Honors, awards, and recognitions achieved


Internships, volunteer works, other extracurricular activities

Indicate duties, responsibilities, AND accomplishments,

Skills and interests

Languages you know Computer Skills Interests you have


Former professors, team leaders, supervisors, and/or employers

1.Assess yourself 2.Pick the items you want to highlight and emphasize 3.Create the sections of your resume 4.Format your resume

Steps of creating a proper resume

Application letter

Also known as a cover letter

Application letter

an _____ is a summary of your strongest and most relevant skills and abilities that will be expanded in your resume or selection criteria.