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The Book of Genesis primarily deals with..


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The Book of Genesis primarily deals with..

Religious Truth

What appropriates the Divine Life, compromises our relationship with God and is the ¨great emphasis¨?


What is naturally good?


The obvious meaning of the text concerned with key people and events

literal sense

This sense of Scripture is concerned with how key people and events relate to Jesus Christ

allegorical sense

This sense of Scripture is concerned with how we are supposed to live our lives

Moral sense

The sense of Scripture is concerned with the ¨Last Things¨

Anagogical Sense

What compromises creation´s natural dignity


What Sense of Scripture teaches us what the characters, evens and details of Scripture signify

Spiritual Sense

What is the reduction of all forms of knowledge to the scientific form of knowledge


the deeper meaning behind a written text or a historical event that teaches more about God and what it means to be human

Religious truth

The infinite outpouring of raging love such as peers among the blessed trinity

The Divine Life

The sin we commit ourselves is...

Actual sin

The sin we inherit is...

Original Sin

3 Religious Truths...

God creates in a non-violent way, God is the only being worthy of worship and Adam was the first scientist

The state of PERFECT relationship with God

Original holiness

The state of PERFECT union with creation and others

Original Justice

The 3 consequences of Original sin

Humanity... is separated from God, suffers and dies, is vulnerable to sin and temptation