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a change or addition to the constitution


opponents of the ratification of the Constitution who valued liberty and believed it could be protected only in small republic

Articles of Confederation

the document establishing a "league of freindship" amond the American states in 1781

Charles Beard

he argued taht the Constitution qas designed to protect the econnomic self-interest of its framers

Bill of Rights

The first ten amendments of the US Constitution

Checks and Balances

each branch-legislative, executive, and judicial-has the power to block some actions taken by the other two branches


alliance among people or organizations with diverse interests


the fundamental law of a nation

Constitutional Convention

a meeting of delegates in 1787 to revise the ARticles of Confederation


term employed by James Madison to refer to interests that exist in society, who seek their own political advantage


a political system in which authority is shared between a central government and state or regional governments

Federalist Paper #10

essay composed by James Madison that argues that liberty is safest in a large republic whre many interests compete

Federalist Papers

a series of essays written by Alecander Hamilton, James Madison, and Jogn Jay that tried to convice citizens to vote for the ratification of the proposed Constitution

Great Compromise

agreement that reconciled the interest of large and small states by awarding states equal representation int he Senate and representation based on population in the hosue

John Locke

English philosopher who believed that liberty was a natural right possessed by all citizens that should be protected by a government created by the consent of the governed

majority rule

the doctrine that states that offices will be filled by candidates who win the most votes

New Jersey Plan

a plan, proposed by William Patterson, that recommended amending the Articles of Confederation with a unicameral Congress in which each state would have an equal vote


the form of government that operates primarily through a system of representation

seperation of powers

a constitutional principle in which political functions are portioned among branches of government so that self-interest checks self-interest

Shay's Rebellion

action taken by ex-Revolutionary WAr soldiers who feared losing their property over indebtness

sovereign power

a government with supreme authority and is accountable to no higher institution

unalienable rights

rights though to be based on nature and providence rather that on the preferences of people

Virginia Plan

a plan, proposed by James Madision, that envisioned a much stronger ntional governemtn sturctured around three branches