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28th of June 1914


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28th of June 1914

Archduke Francis is assassinated resulting to the declaration of war

July 1914

War starts

25th of April 1915

Gallipoli (ANZAC Day)

July to November 1916

Battle of Somme (1 million wounded or killed)

April (1917)

USA enters war

October 1917

Dulce et Decorum Est is written

November 1918

Armistice- war ends

January/June 1919

Treaty of Versailles written and signed

Who were the allies? (6 countries)

Britain (and colonies), France, Italy, Japan, USA, Russia

Who were the central powers? (5 countries)

Germany, Austria, Hungary, Ottoman (Turkey), Bulgaria

What was NZ's involvement?

100,000 troops overseas, 16,000 killed, 41,000 wounded

Delegates from ____ many countries met in Paris in January 1919


When was the Treaty of Versailles signed?

28th of June 1919

Where was the Treaty of Versailles signed?

The Palace of Versailles in the hall of mirrors

What was the war guilt clause?

Germany had to accept all guilt for the war

What are reparations?

Payment for damage caused

How much did Germany need to pay in reparations?

£6,600 million ($269 billion in today's terms)

What percentage of land did Germany lose?


How many soldiers were Germany's army restricted to?


True or False: Germany were allowed to join the League of Nations


Who were the big three?

Woodrow Wilson, George Clemenceau, David Lloyd George

Did all of the big three get what they wanted?


What areas of impact did Germany experience?

Political, economic, morale