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ask after

ask for news about

back down

stop demanding sth, stop saying that you will do sth

back out

decide not to do sth you agreed to do

bank on

depend on sth happening

break down

stop working (for a machine, etc)

break out

escape (from prison)

break out

start suddenly (for a war, fire, etc)

bring forward

change the date/time of an event so it happens earlier

bring in

introduce a new law or system

bring on

cause (illness, etc)

bring out

produce and start to sell a new product

bring up

look after a child until he/she becomes an adult

bring up

start discussing a subject

call for

require, need

call for


call off


carry on


carry out

perform an experiment, etc

catch on

become popular or fashionable

catch on


catch up with

reach the same point/level as

chase after

follow sb/sth quickly in order to catch them

check in

register at a hotel or an airport

check out

leave a hotel

check out


clear up

become brighter and better (for weather)

close down

stop operating (for companies)

come (a)round

happen again (for regular events)

come (a)round (to)

be persuaded to change your mind (about)

come across

find sth or meet sb by chance

come by

get sth, especially sth that is hard to get

come down with

start to suffer from a minor illness

come forward

offer help or information

come into


come off


come on

develop or make progress

come on

start to be broadcast

come out

be published

come round/to

become conscious

come up with

think of (an idea, plan, etc)

count on

rely on, trust

cross out

draw a line through sth written

cut down (on)

do less of (smoking, etc)

cut down (on)

reduce an amount of

cut off

make a place difficult or impossible to enter, leave or communicate with

cut off

stop the supply of sth

cut off


dawn on

if something dawns on you, you realize it for the first time

deal with

handle, cope with