APUSH Chapters 2-4

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James I


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James I

A charter was granted by ______, monarch of England, to a joint stock company to establish a mainland colony in North America in 1607.

A narrow zone that marks the geological boundary between an upland region and plain, distinguished by the occurrence of falls and rapids where rivers and streams cross it.

The geographic features in eastern North America known as the “Fall Line” refers to:


Investors in the Virginia Company were financially saved by _____, a commodity nicknamed brown gold.

Virginia House of Burgesses

The _____ was the first representative assembly to be established in the British colonies, and gave landholders some control over local political matters.


The English colony of ____ was envisioned as a religious refuge for Catholics.


The settlers in the colony of _____ intended to create a Biblical “City upon a hill” by having their colonial government enforced biblical law as well as English civil and criminal law.

Enslaved African Labor

The last decades of the 1600s saw a change in labor force in the Chesapeake colonies with the introduction of _____


The colony of _______ made religious qualifications as important as one’s sex or economic status in the colony’s political life.

Young women and girls, Salem Village

In 1692 a tragedy struck the colony of Massachusetts when a group of _____ living in ______ were accused of practicing witchcraft.

Mayflower Compact

The ________ was an agreement drafted in Plymouth colony in 1620 that served as an early framework of American government. It granted political rights to any man willing to abide by the agreement.

mound builder

Beginning about 3000 years ago, the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys became the home for a number of _____ societies, whose cities became trading and ceremonial centers that had enormous economic and social outreach.


Christopher Columbus explored on behalf of what country?


True or False: Native Americans in North America practiced settled agriculture and engaged in hunting during pre-Columbian times.

Find a route around or through it to access the riches of Asia

The primary goal of European exploration of the New World was to:

North America, Europe, and Africa

What were the three continents central to the Columbian Exchange?


Which region of Africa was home to most people who were captured, enslaved, and taken to the Western Hemisphere?


The separation of the Protestants from the Roman Catholic Church


The encomienda system was used by plantation owners and mine owners from what country?

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

The Spanish conquistador who led an expedition northward from Mexico in search of the rumored seven cities of gold.


In the process of colonization between 1545-1660, ______ became the richest nation in Europe.


The primary economic activity of Indian tribes in the eastern North America was ______

Saint Augustine, Spain

What was the first colonial city in the present-day United States and who was it founded by?

Independent fur traders who lived among the Indians and sold furs to the _____, were known as coureurs de bois,


Subsistence Farming

Cultivating only the necessary amount of food to provide for your family and nothing more to sell or trade.


True or False: In the 1600s, the French established settlements in Canada at Quebec and Montreal, both of which are located along the St. Lawrence River valley.


A large estate in Dutch New Netherlands


The Pueblo Revolt of 1680 was against the _____rule

Henry VIII

What British monarch’s desire for a male heir led to the creation of the Church of England?

Sir Walter Raleigh

English soldier and adventurers who attempted to establish a Virginia Colony

Henry Hudson

Dutch explorer who sailed up the Hudson in search of the Northwest Passage

Robert Cavalier, Sicur de La Salle

Explored the Mississippi all the way to the Gulf, and named the territory Louisiana

Pueblo Revolt

Indian Rebellion against Spanish authority in 1680- drove Spanish out of Mexico for a decade.

Creek Confederacy

Alliance of Indians living in the Southeast; formed after the spread of lethal European diseases to permit economic and military cooperation among survivors.

iroquois league

a league of Iroquois tribes including originally the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca

Printing Press

What invention spread Martin Luther’s 95 Theses?

Allowed the leader of a region to choose the religion of the entire region.

What did the Peace of Augsburg do in Germany?


Before your born your eternal destination has already been decided by God.

Nathaniel Bacon

Raised a vigilante army that attacked peaceful as well as hostile Indian villages.

Virginia Company

In 1603, King James I granted a charter to two joint stock companies, the first one quickly failed leaving only the ________


First permanent English settlement in mainland America

Head Right System

The grant of 50 acres of land for each settler brought over to Virginia,

George Calvert

Envisioned a new English colony in America for his fellow Catholics suffering from harassment.


Catholic-Founded colony


Every aspect of life in the Chesapeake colonies was shaped by ________.

Indentured Servants

People working out their compulsory service for a fixed period of time.

William Bradford

Led a group of religious separatist pilgrims to New England in 1620.


A Patuxet Indian who taught the Pilgrims survival techniques in America and acted as a translator.

The colonists of ______ created tight-knit farming villages and small seaport towns so they could watch each other and come together for prayer.


Given to a man in Massachusetts when he testified a moment of saving grace thereby giving him full political voice.