Knowt’s Home Screen

The home screen is where you can create and organize your notes and flashcard sets in one spot.

Creating Notes, Flashcard Sets, Folders

Press the + Button in the bottom right to see all your options. Here you can create a flashcard set, create a note from scratch, import a note, or create a folder for you to organize everything.


Quick Tip - Right Click to Create

If you right click anywhere in the notebook , you will get a quick access menu to create a folder, a note, or flashcard set — as well as import a note and flashcard set.


Selecting Notes

You can click and hold on a note to drag it inside of folders.


Quick Tip - Selecting Multiple Notes

Click the check mark icon to enable selecting of multiple notes at a time. Once you select all the notes you want you can choose to move them all to a folder or trash at once.



Click the “Search button” under the Recently viewed and start typing. You’ll be able to search the note/flashcard set titles and note/flashcard content. The icon on the left will tell you what the result is.



Click on the arrow to change order of how items appear in your notebook, and choose what criteria you would like to sort by.


Recently Viewed

A big part of Knowt is being able to explore other peoples’ notes and flashcard sets. Recently viewed lets you jump back to any of the ones you just recently viewed really quickly.

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